Inside the insanely competitive world of elite New York City preschools

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Preschools in New York City are no joke — some parents hire preschool consultants and apply years in advance in the hopes that they can get their kid into a preschool that could cost as much as a college.
Many parents think that getting their kids into one of the “Baby Ivies” will help them get into one of the top private schools for kindergarten through senior year — then off to a top university.
Here’s a glance into the insanely competitive world of the most prestigious NYC preschools.


It is not easy to get into the schools known as the “Baby Ivies.” No, I’m not talking about a set of elite secondary prep schools. I am talking about a process that sometimes starts in utero — the process of getting into a prestigious preschool. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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