If you’re going to DIY your own cosplay for Comic Con, here are some tools to help you get started

Dress to impress.

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New York Comic Con is the weekend, with Halloween not too much behind. This may only mean 1 thing: it season.  

Rather than buying a complete costume on the web, some folks like to make their own. And from personal experience, building a cosplay is all about as fun and rewarding as it’s hellish and stress-inducing. Picturing yourself is very satisfying, but which makes the item could be so bothersome. It’ll never feel as if you’ve got enough time to have it done.

There are some basic requirements for any while no two jobs share the very same substances or directions. Here is our listing of requirements.

A hot glue gun

Your cosplay may involve lots of parts which need to stick especially when you’re making armor. Hot glue guns are a good investment to make sure that your lighter materials all stay stuck and nice while you strut your stuff. You might have to stock up on hot gun glue sticks every now and then, but it’ll be well worth the trouble.

Fabric markers

If you require designs fabric pens are a way to glamorize your job without using paints which could get. Pro-tip: you can use some colors gently to indicate progress where you want to alter something, or indicate that a point.


You are probably tracing them along this if you’re using fabric markers. For measuring as a straight-edge for your fabric markers to maintain your cuts straight and what you want from your cloth yardsticks are essentially.  

Soft measuring tape

Talking of dimensions, you’ll have to measure yourself in a certain point. Measuring tape is crucial in figuring out how to make your cosplay fit around your entire body.  

Sewing machine

A staple a sewing machine like this one, in any cosplay layout is user friendly and you’ll be pleased to have one on standby. More economical ones are equally as excellent, although you can shell out for a machine that is massive.

Coffee. Lots of coffee.

Not even joking about this one. You’ll never feel as if you’ll have time as I said. Late nights are unavoidable, once you fall into its groove. Keep yourself up so that you sew your pajamas on your fabric or something and do not fall asleep.

(Extra tip: The Office on Netflix is perfect white noise throughout your cosplay creation.)

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