If your New Year’s Resolution is to get an MBA, you can do it online with Coursera

A Master's Diploma is the Newest Bachelor's.
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Mashable readers are into online learning. You are smart, motivated, and also lead very active lives, so the ease of a course you can complete at your own pace is attractive. Websites like Udemy and Coursera offer classes in everything from programming to celebration proposals and are generally intended to be completed within a few hours to a couple weeks. They are fast and relatively inexpensive, and also a fun way to stay productive in your spare time.

If you’re searching for something slightly more in depth, however, you can find exactly the same convenience and cost-effectiveness within an online degree from Coursera. They’ve partnered with the University of Illinois to create flexible, interactive, online Master’s level programs.  

Coursera is unique in the online learning space due to their “specializations,” bundles of courses in areas of study like Deep Learning and Graphic Design. These college classes go a step farther by bundling specializations into a complete degree program that can be completed at your own pace.  

There are now 3 levels offered on Coursera in the University of Illinois — an MCS at Data Science, an MS in Accounting and also an MBA. Coursera also partnered with HEC Paris, one of Europe’s best business schools, for a Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Each of these programs is composed of between 20 and 32 classes and can be completed in two to three years (with the exception of the HEC level, which requires an average of 10-16 months.)

On top of that, tuition for each of those programs is projected to be $30,000 or less. To put that in perspective, the projected tuition for a University of Illinois MBA pupil is $58,868 in-state, $83,276 from state.  

Graduates of the internet degree programs are issued the same diplomas in the University as in-person students, without a reference of Coursera or it’s an internet degree. Once you fill out the plan, you have a Master’s degree, no asterisk.  

You can request more information about each of the programs and also apply for the 2018 cohort at the links below. If you have been thinking about going back to school but are held back by the price or the time commitment, an internet degree from Coursera is a great option.

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