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If Your Child Got Some Kids’ Makeup At Claire’s, You Might Want To Throw It Out

It’s a parent’s job to be worried about everything in regards to their child’s security. From time to time, those worries prove to be unfounded. Others, like in this mother’s case, prove a parent’s instinct right.

Last month, WJAR-TV reported a mother from Barrington, Rhode Island, who had been worried about the ingredients inside her six-year-old daughter’s makeup kit out of Claire’s. After sending it into an independent testing laboratory in North Carolina, Kristi Warner received horrifying information. The results showed that the kit contained tremolite asbestos, a toxic material which if swallowed or inhaled can lead to lung cancer and mesothelioma. What’s worse is that when Warner purchased 17 other Claire’s cosmetics products from different nations and had them tested, tremolite asbestos has been discovered in all of these.

In response, the retailer pulled nine cosmetics products, saying that they “have taken the precautionary measure of pulling the things in question from sale, and also will be conducting a direct investigation into the alleged matter.”

“We have retained an independent lab to check the mentioned products so as to determine whether the current news reports are accurate,” the firm additional on December 27. “In the meantime we’ve ceased sales of the products and are issuing full refunds to worried customers. As always, the security of our customers and products is our top priority”

Since that time, Claire’s says two accredited independent labs have found their products to be asbestos free.

They also mentions the talc ingredient used in their own cosmetics is free of asbestos too. Now they are disputing the findings from the laboratory Warner employed for her first testing.

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