I Can’t Have A Hobbit Home, Can I?

hobbit home

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Do you believe that a hobbit home can be build within 3 days? So many people in the western world have become sensitive to the effects that our lifestyle is having on our health and our environment. They’re seeking new lifestyles with positive health and environmental benefits. A large number of people are making conscious choices to draw away from lives that are cut off from the natural world and seeking to regain balance with the environment. Some of these folks have taken some fun and drastic measures to this end.

You might be surprised to learn that people all over the world are actually living in underground dwellings. Right now. It is a quirky and wonderful movement from a number of people seeking the most ecologically balanced lifestyle. However, underground homes are not very popular. yet.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Mike Oehler and his $50 underground hobbit home. But even if you haven’t, his philosophy on living underground is astounding. His designs are quite intriguing, in that he upcycles almost everything and has used basic hand tools on some of his projects. His homes are still livable today, and even in his elder years he has maintained them in relative comfort. However, his methods would take most people well beyond their comfort zones. Would you want to dig a large hole out of a hillside before you can even get started on putting up some walls? Getting down into the dirt and worms isn’t for everyone, and this method does have some inherent dangers as well. I’m not sure how to brace a dirt roof. How about you?

When most people think of sustainable architecture, they might think of high-tech solar and wind generators with hempcrete construction, or something of the like. Or maybe a mushroom house with a living roof that filters all the rainwater. Occasionally we have heard of innovations in designs that incorporate earth sheltering, and all of these options reduce the carbon footprint. These ideas are very creative but also quite grand. What about people who don’t have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest right off the bat? Some may start looking for some diy project ideas…

There are some wonderful folks with the necessary skills and talents to go live like a hobbit and build these magic homes for themselves. After all, these homes use natural principles to stay cool in summer, warm in winter, and have inherent stability and strength. With that being said, how hard can it be? Well, there’s a variety of answers to that question, and none of them provide a quick fix.

The more high tech hobbit houses practically require an engineering degree, while the $50 underground types (or any simple earthen structures for that matter) require intensive physical labor and T-I-M-E… with some relatively small structures taking YEARS to complete… wow. No wonder people have developed all the building methods that we have!

There are as many options as there are people on this planet. All the folks who want to live in hobbit houses can find a method or material that works for them. For those lacking in technical skill, there are even a number of prefabricated designs and they come with professionals who will install it themselves. There is a design company that did just that; Magic Green Homes.

Magic Green Homes  has some very nice hobbit house design and the best part is that it is easy to install. You don’t have to go through the pain and time to make one. Their design concepts are brilliant as it uses prefabricated vaulted panels and you can cover them with soil and grass creating a natural blend with mother earth.

These hobbit houses blend in so well with the mountains you almost can’t tell it’s there. These looks like resort style. Not your usual stay houses but its close to nature which it’s great! Look at these hobbit home in the middle of a tropical setting.  Can’t get any closer to nature.

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