Hyped for X-Men to join the MCU? Not so fast, says Kevin Feige

The Disney/Fox merger could result in any number of stressing outcomes in Hollywood, but the hottest question is pretty frivolous: What will happen to the X-Men?

The X-Men and Fantastic Four are currently possessed by Fox, keeping them separate from Disney’s Marvel Studios franchise. There’so a lot of speculation about what happens following the merger, also Marvel Cinematic Universe manufacturer and executive Kevin Feige has weighed in on his strategies –or lack thereof. In a meeting with Vulture, he explained the merger as “above my pay grade,” stating that he learned about it in the news like everyone else.

“rsquo & There;s been no communication,” Feige said on the topic of a Marvel franchise crossover. “rsquo & We;re not thinking about it. We’re focusing we’ve already declared. If and as soon as the deal actually occurs, we’ll start to think more. Until then, we’ve got a lot to do. ”

Before moving on to Marvel Studios, Feige worked, and fans were asking about crossovers. So, it’so ridiculous to suggest he hasn’t thought at all about it. But if he does have any particular plans, hes not sharing them.   “It would be years off,” Feige. “rsquo We &;ve declared everything therefore none of those would be adjusted. ”

Fox has two X-Men movies out this season (Deadpool 2 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix), with The New Mutants previously completed for 2019. If Dark Phoenix and New Mutants are powerful, the studio may want to continue their franchises instead of disrupting using a crossover. While it’s tempting to envision a giant X-Men/Avengers team-up such as in the comic books, the first signals of the merger may be more subtle, such as the look of small X-Men characters at the MCU.


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