How to Open a Can With a Needle

How to open a can with a rock is a common subject that comes up from time to time when people are asked to search for ways to make money. Some people might even suggest that you simply take the can and break it. That is certainly one approach that some people would take. However, we have heard many times from experienced bottle collectors that breaking something down to its base metal is often not only harder but also does not get as much or as great of a result as what one could achieve if they took out the glass. Here is a related story that relates to this subject.

“It was spring, and Hine was getting ready to make a move. He had been selling mineral specimens, plant parts, and antiques in his own shop for the last several years. One day he was removing a screw from a wooden box on his shelf when he tripped on a piece of flax. Thinking quickly, he deftly retrieved the screw and opened the can of aspirin with the hammer head.

“He wasn’t sure how to open a can with a rock, since the hole was small. So he put the aspirin in the hole and started squeezing. It was difficult, because the aspirin was soft and the can was hard. Hine tried to gouge it a bit more, but the aspirin was too soft and easy to crack. Finally, he used a hacksaw to cut through it, but it was way too large and the aspirin leaked everywhere.”

This can of aspirin is a common household item that most people have around the house. It’s easy to obtain, fairly inexpensive, and a household item that is always in use. So, how to open a can with a rock is a doable problem for most people. Of course, there are those who have been unfortunate enough to have had their hands forced by unscrupulous criminals. And, no one wants to be responsible for an automobile accident caused by someone who was sleeping and may not have been properly supervised.

When a can is lying on the floor, such as one that is left by a thief, the best solution is to open the can with the rock propped up under the cap. This is easily accomplished, as long as you have the right tools. First off, you’ll need a pair of small flat pry pliers, preferably dull ones with nickel-plated heads. Since this can contain medicine that has acids in it, you must take great care not to remove any of the acid with your hands.

You need to find the hole through which you will open the can with a rock. This hole is usually located at the bottom edge of the cap. Simply find the hole and place the edge of the pry tool into it. Once you have pushed the tool down deep enough, it will snap into position. If you do not have a rock, try using some aspirin tabs or even pinching a penny into the hole.

To open a can with a needle, you must first find the needle through which you will insert the needle. Usually the can has a slot where you can insert the needle. Place the needle into the hole and, if the car did not come with one, carefully slide the needle through the slot until you are able to insert it.

Now you must pull the needle out of the hole. To do this, you must bend the can towards yourself so that it will pull itself out of the hole. Do this by pushing the can as far back into the hole as you can, while holding on to the top edges of both ends. You must hold on to these points because they will help you pull the needle out of the can with a little bit of force. Once you have done this, release the pressure from your fingers and your hands so that the can will come out easily.

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