How to know if a girl likes you | Stop The Guessing

It can be difficult to tell if a woman is flirting with you or just being friendly. For those who are in the know there are some signs she is interested in you. We’ve collected all the most important signs that she likes you, from lingering touch to playful teasing.

The Most Signs that a girl likes you is when she doesn’t send mixed signals

If a girl seems to be interested in you but then ignores you, it is likely not very into you.

There are exceptions, however.

If you notice a pattern of cold and hot behavior in your partner, it could mean that they are not as interested as you.

While breadcrumbing may not be something you are interested in, it is a common behavior that can still need your attention.

According to Val Walker MS the word breadcrumbing means the following:

If someone seems to be interested in you and leaves a trail called “breadcrumbs”, which are little bits of information — but not enough to commit to something solid or concrete — then it is time to share a slice of their bread. This is often called “stringing someone on” or “keeping your options open.”

Breadcrumbing can be described as when somebody sends you text messages asking how you are doing.

They disappear within a few weeks or months, depending on how many times you say you wish to meet them.

A woman who loves you will behave the exact opposite.

You will always be in touch with her.

How to know if a girl likes you | Stop The Guessing


It’s a Catching Her Looking at You.

We will end up looking at a man we like, regardless of whether or not we want it. And we won’t always be able to hide it. It’s good to see her stare if you can.

It’s a positive sign if she smiles at your face when you meet. It’s especially sweet if she smiles shyly when you are staring at her.

It’s difficult to conceal your emotions in a moment that you aren’t ready for.

A sign that you are not in love, even if you haven’t had any contact, is the fact that she doesn’t look at you.

Because she isn’t keen to make herself too visible, she will avoid you with her eyes.



Jack Schafer, a behavioral analyst at the FBI states that people tend to look at people who are like them and shun people they do not like. This makes perfect sense doesn’t? A meeting of the eyes is often a sign that you’re in love with each other.

How does this work? If a girl keeps more eye contact than usual with you, it is a sign that she is attracted to you. If her gaze moves to your lips, it’s clear that she is interested in you.

Some girls can be shy and will quickly look away from you if she sees you. It’s best for you to approach her and start a conversation if she does this.

If you’re out together with friends, another sign she is interested in you is that you look at her first after she says something. You will often see eye-to-eye. Elle also ensures that you are able to get enough privacy from her.

A girl who avoids eye contact with her friends and instead looks at the surrounding room is most likely to be uninterested.

The woman is interested in your dating life and wants to know more about female friends

You will be able to see how valuable the resource potential of females when you dig deeper into attraction and mate selection among human beings.

David M. Buss actually discussed this in great detail in his book The Evolution of Desire Strategies of Human Mating.

“Since engaging in sexual activity has been more expensive and less risky for women, they have adapted by seeking out mates who are high-resource potential to help offset this risk.

This is how it starts: a woman will ask about her female friends.

It allows her to assess your resources, such as time, money, sexual attention and emotional energy, or tribal connections. They are being invested in and tied up with other women.

This is a sign she may be a bit more into you than usual.

If a woman has no sexual interest in her, she would not care much about the women you have been seeing or your friends.


She uses “open” body language. Are you comfortable with her?

It’s easy to tell if her body language is loose. Are her legs and arms extended? This sign is an excellent indicator that she feels comfortable.

It doesn’t necessarily suggest that she is attracted, as she will be at ease with friends. The context will play a major role in this. It’s important to understand the context. If she uses loose body language and you don’t know her well, it’s likely that you feel a close connection. When it comes time to choose a boyfriend, comfort is crucial for women. This will also depend on her personality. It’s likely that she will not use loose body language if she is shy. This type of body language can be a good indicator that she is confident and direct.

If a girl is interested in you, her feet can tell you. You read it right. Psychologists believe that a girl’s movement of her feet when you are around can be a nonverbal sign she likes you.

It’s so why? It’s because humans are often able to forget about their feet when they are with a romantic partner.

If her feet point towards you, that is a sign. Don’t be surprised if her feet are pointed in a different direction than you, such as toward a door.

If she is able to sit with her feet apart from her body it indicates that she is comfortable with spending time with your company. If she tends not to move her legs, or sits with them crossed, this is a sign that she doesn’t like you.

A woman’s subconscious can send signals to her mind about a man she is attracted to. In order to show that she likes you, she may draw her body closer together and give you her full attention during a conversation.

It’s bad sign if she doesn’t move an inch towards yours. It’s likely that you will be friendszoned.

She Will Try to Be Physically Near You

One of my favorite signs that a woman is interested in me is if she makes a conscious effort to be close to me.

One woman I knew was shy and reserved around people. She would always make it a point to be as close as I could when we were together.

She had a huge crush on me, as it turned out. She seemed to be attracted to me whenever she was near me, almost like I was an emoji.

If you are attractive to women, they will want to physically be close to you. Intimate zone: 0-18 inches It is possible that a woman is getting close to you for no reason.

Do you notice her leaning in as you speak to her during lunch? Do you notice her leaning in towards you while she’s talking to you?

Do you remove any obstacles, such as her purse?

It’s possible she is trying to be as close as you can. This is a good sign.

You are asked many questions by her

Do you want her to learn everything about your childhood pet and your college degree?

Kimberly Moffat, a Canadian relationship therapist, has had her YouTube channel viewed over 18,000,000 times. One video she shares is about how to attract a man’s interest. She mentions the simple way to begin to have sex with him by simply asking questions. You can easily extrapolate and conclude that asking men personal questions is a sign that they are interested in getting to know each other better.

You can see her copying your movements and gestures

It’s a sign she loves you more than her friend. This is something that we subconsciously do.

Pay attention to: Is she mimicking your gestures of hand when speaking? Are her energy levels similar to yours? Is she speaking slower than normal? These are all signs that she may be interested.

– She may copy words from you if she is interested, particularly slang.


If she stares at your face for a long time without saying a word

It is a sign that she likes you. If she stares at you for long periods of time, it is a sign that she loves you. The chances are that she is staring at you several times a day.

If she is looking at you and not at her, it’s a sign that she likes your company. You might catch her staring at you, but she may be hesitant to tell you.

She will stare at you if she’s crushing on your face.

You’re available

Are you ever tempted to ask a girl out but she isn’t available? Maybe she cancels all the time but asks for rainchecks. It’s not a good sign. She isn’t really interested in you if she doesn’t want to meet with you.

It’s obvious that a girl who is open to spending time with her friends will be able to do so. There’s no denying that life is unpredictable and there will be times when plans are cancelled or canceled. She will make a point of rescheduling if necessary. This shows that she isn’t going to skip a moment with you.

The Subtle Signs that a Shy Girl likes You

This section will discuss the signs that a shy girl loves you.

Researchers conducted research in the 1980s to identify subtle signals that indicate a woman’s interest in a man.

The researchers meticulously tracked how humans showed romantic interest in other people using non-verbal cues.

Researchers chose locations that could draw people, such as coffee shops, bars, or clubs.

The body language and mannerisms men and women display when they are interested in someone were the basis of their research.

The studies didn’t discriminate or analyze people randomly, so they did not identify introverts and extroverts.

One thing is certain: regardless of whether someone was outgoing or shy, their body language was not lied to.

The signs that shy girls like you can be subtle but they will still be noticeable if your eyes are open. We are sharing these signs today with you.

She asks you questions

Asking you questions is a sure sign that a girl likes you. It’s good that she wants to learn more about you. If a conversation becomes one-sided and it’s you who are doing the most of the talking, then you may want to end the relationship. You might find that she is bored and doesn’t care about you. Or she may be boring and have nothing to say.

To avoid a dull conversation, open ended questions can be key. She will ask more questions than just a yes/no question to get to know you better and want you to share more of yourself.

How to tell if a girl likes you

You can see her looking at you, laughing at your jokes and acting nervously around others. It’s not clear if she is flirting or being friendly. There are several signs that indicate a girl is interested in you, whether you have a crush on her for years and want to find out if it’s mutual.

The Best Way to Find Out if Someone Likes you

It can be hard to tell if someone is into you. It can be difficult to tell if someone likes you if you are afraid of asking.

How to handle a crush who likes you

Ask your crush to go on a date if you are sure that you love each other. There is nothing you can lose, and so much to gain.

I wonder if she looks at me and smiles everytime something funny happens.

You are probably her favorite!

How to tell if a woman likes you

Males are more likely to initiate mating than females, and women can choose whether or not they accept these advances.

Although we have the same basic mating pattern with mammals, our relationship with humans is more complex.

The expectation is that men will make the first contact with women by saying hello and starting a conversation. Women are more likely to initiate contact with men by subtly indicating that they would be glad to have it. This means that women determine when and if men should initiate romance advances.

This dynamic is often misunderstood by men. They are at best labeled an awkward oddo and, at worst, a creep who makes unwelcome advances.

There’s a chance that even if a man is able to understand this dynamic, he doesn’t seem to be able recognize subtle cues which indicate interest in females. This guy is not interested in initiating unwelcome sexual relationships, but he fails to move when the lady asks him to. A lot of men have had the unpleasant experience of hearing a woman tell him that she gave her many signals. “How did you miss that I loved you?” Sometimes luck is good for a man and he discovers that the girl is interested because she’s patient and persistent. Sometimes, however, someone you thought would be your only comes along and ends up being your best friend.

She tries to build a connection with you

Attraction is all about building connections. But how do we do it? What can we do to build connection with people we love?

It turns out that women can do this quite well. This happens naturally when they are attracted to a man.

  • She… Shares her personal information
  • Shares secrets about her
  • You use ‘I’ statements, without having to be asked specific questions
  • Few or none of the ‘avoidant answers are used (examples include: I don’t know, I’m not certain, kinda, I guess etc.).
  • Told stories from her childhood
  • Engages in conversation
  • Eye contact is maintained while communicating
  • Responds with empathy and enthusiasm to stories and statements from you

If she does, then it’s likely that she has a strong connection with you and wants to nurture it. Also, she likes you man.

She Sees You and Smiles at You

It’s possible that you only see a woman once.

However, if she looks twice at you it tells a different story.

This holds true especially if the smile is coupled with a gaze.

A woman will notice a man that she’s interested in

  • Eye contact is a must
  • Smiling, laughing, and giggles
  • The feminine softness in the cheeks and neck can be seen if you look away

Helen E. Fisher (biological anthropologist) says this signal is the best way to determine if a woman has sexual desire.

You look at her

How often someone looks at you can reveal a lot. Eye contact is the best way to tell if someone is interested.

Jack Schafer, an ex-FBI behavioral analyst:

People look at people who are like them and ignore people they dislike.

It’s quite obvious.

She will be captivated by you if she cannot keep her gaze off of you.

Context is going to be a theme through this article.

Here’s what you need to remember:

  • She’ll likely be interested if you keep eye contact when she looks at you. You can expect her to be confident and forward-thinking.
  • If she looks at you, it is most likely that she is into you.
  • You might catch her eye and she will look away fast. She may be shy but interested in you. If you spot her doing this, it might be worth approaching her.
  • However, it is not a sign of a woman who looks away from you or continues to scan the room.
  • If she speaks to you in a group and then looks at you for her reaction, it is an indication that she loves you.

This is it. It’s a sign that a girl is not interested in you if she avoids eye contact.

Attention to eye contact.

A girl who likes you will either keep her eyes on you for a while or look down when your eyes touch hers. One of these answers could indicate that she is interested in you. She may be nervous, or perhaps not yet ready to share her true motives, but it could still mean she likes you.

If a girl is attracted to you, it’s possible for her pupils to dilate. However, this can be difficult to determine.

This could indicate that the girl likes you if you glance at her.

You are often greeted with a smile

If she smiles gently at you, it is a sign that she loves you. It is difficult for most girls to smile since it can be hard for them to do so. She will smile if she thinks you’re attractive.

You could make a woman laugh at your jokes if she finds them funny. However, don’t confuse her common courtesy for her curiosity to know more.

You can approach her with a smile, which demonstrates her kindness and friendliness.


Surprises of Romantic Attraction

Popular evolutionary theory says that romantic relationships are based on the objective assessment of “mate value”, which is the degree to which a person has traits such as good looks or status. Is that all there is to the relationship?

Today’s guest has completed a number of studies that add more nuance to romantic attraction. Paul Eastwick is a psychologist at UC Davis. Our conversation begins by discussing the difference between what people think they want in terms of romantic and sexual partners and who they choose to be in reality. The conversation then turns to the question of whether it is true that some people believe that women are more attracted to physical beauty than others, while men think that women prefer women who have more resources and status. The conversation also focuses on how the consensus of people over what is attractive and not over time. We discuss whether or not people with equal appeal end up together. The conversation ends with insights from research that can be used to help people meet people offline.

She talks about you two being a couple

Your crush will joke about you two dating. She’s encouraging and urging you to do it.

You might hear her say:

  • They are together every day. It’s possible to be together all the time.
  • We get along so well. As a couple, imagine us. You wouldn’t fight with us!

She might be a bit vulnerable, and she may say

  • It’s so wonderful to be with you… I can’t wait for that feeling to end.

These are great signs she is thinking of dating you…and that she likes the idea. To prove that she is into you, you don’t have to be a relationship expert.

Be aware of the friend zone trap. Although it may sound encouraging, this is not. Do you find this familiar?

It would be nice to find someone like you. Are all men just jerks?

Although it sounds good, this one is negative. Although she says you are nice, she is also stating that she does not consider you a good option for a date. She wouldn’t want to be with a man like you if you weren’t an option.

Pay attention to whether she mentions you are in a relationship.

A girl will ask you if you’re single so she can make a decision about whether to flirt with you. You may be asked directly if you are a girl friend or she might use subtler approaches.

  • You might be teased by her saying “I bet that you saw that movie with your girlfriend.” You can flirt with her if you are attracted to her. It’s possible to say, “I don’t have a girl but I’ve been wanting to see this movie…want you to go along Friday night?”


You are funny to her

You make terrible jokes (in a positive way). Everyone tells you so. This girl thinks you’re the most funny guy on earth…

This must be love.

It is amazing that she could be the winner of a bad joke contest right now.

A woman who is humorous with her partner can be a sign of a good relationship. She will be interested in your jokes and laughter if she has a good relationship with you.

Stop trying to be “tough” and “dominant” with women. Sharing a couple of silly stories with women will make you more popular.

The Three Most Powerful Signs that a Girl likes you – at Work, School and when she’s shy

This article will discuss how to determine if a girl loves you. In my experience with relationships and dating, some men spend too much time wondering if their girl is interested in them.

Some women are enigmatic, I must admit. This is usually because they are polite or don’t wish to offend a man.

There are women out there who only want attention. But that is another story. This is where the problem lies: men misinterpret behaviors as if they are into someone.

Here’s how to know if a girl is interested in you.

As you read the article, remember that one sign does not necessarily indicate she loves you.

If you notice any of the signs, or nearly all, it is very possible that she has genuine interest in your life.

What is the best way to tell if a woman likes you in work?

Analyse her eye contact. You will know if she is interested in you if you can look into her eyes and maintain eye contact. She will look at you if her eyes drift to your lips. She’s likely to be interested in you if she doesn’t look at you immediately when she catches your attention. She will often look directly at you if she tells a joke or speaks to a group.

The Main Sign a girl likes you is that she laughs at your jokes often

You might be attracted to a reserved girl who laughs at all of your jokes, even if you are conversing in a group.

If someone is shy, it may be difficult for them to contribute in a group setting, but they’ll still appreciate your jokes and stories, by laughing at them.

During the conversation, she may smile, giggle or laugh nervously.

It is her way to show interest in you and your sense of humor.

Jeffrey Hall was the University of Kansas’ associate professor of communication. He conducted a 2010 study of couple relationships.

This study consisted of videotaping 51 couples with their consent and recording their conversation.

The study revealed that flirting style can be classified into four categories: Traditional: This style of flirt thinks that the woman should be approached by the man and she should allow him to pursue the woman, rather than chasing after her.

Sincere: They communicate sincere interest by focusing attention on self-disclosure and conquest.

Polite Flirts: These are people who show little interest and can be shy.

Physical: A physical flirt is more comfortable with their sexuality, and they are often open to new partners.

This breakthrough study revealed that couples that laughed at one another’s jokes had romantic attraction.

Humor is a common way for men to determine how much a woman likes them. This is often a sign that she values their sense of humor. If you are a shy girl and want to make her laugh, tell her a joke. Although she may be able to laugh at one joke it doesn’t mean that she is into you. Keep your eyes on the pattern. Is she more likely to laugh at your jokes than with the other guys? Do other signs are she displaying as well?

You’ll see her quirkiness

A girl who is comfortable around others will reveal her true self.

She’s more comfortable being who she is now, even though she might have kept her quirky or geeky traits at the start.

She will naturally reveal her geeky or quirky side as a result. You will accept her as she is.

However, this does not mean that she is like you. She can be comfortable being with a friend.

If you aren’t in the friend zone, this could be a sign she is comfortable and enjoys being with you.

Understanding Body Language Cues

  • Open body language is important. If a girl is interested in you, they will turn their faces towards you. A girl who turns her torso in your direction means she’s confident speaking with you. She may not be interested in talking to you if she keeps her body closed, such as crossing her legs or arms, or may just be nervous or shy. Pay attention to her feet if she’s sitting cross-legged. It could be that her feet are pointed in your direction, which might indicate she is interested in you.
  • A girl who feels more comfortable with you will be closer to you. For example, her shoulders will relax and her arms will not cross.


She uses hypotheticals to talk

She likes to talk in hypotheticals. A girl will say things like “I would marry you” if she doesn’t get married before 30. This is a sign that they want you to spend a lot of time with her. You may be able to see that she is hinting at something else. Although she likes you, she hides her feelings. She might be waiting to see you make her move.

These are some of the things that will pique girls’ interest with just a little luck and effort.

You can have your life. You can make a woman interested in you by being the best version possible of yourself. Instead of chasing her, work on yourself to make your life exciting and enjoyable. Stability and joy in relationships are what women seek.

You could also be reassuring your woman of a steady and great relationship by implying you are capable of managing your life. You will be more attractive to women if you do this.

Also, a one-time signal is not an indefinite green light. Keep following the trail

A woman may not want to marry, date, or sleep with someone she sees as an anomaly. This is just like a situation in which an anomaly can be seen in tactical situations. It means she is attracted to you initially and is willing to make a move. It could be conversation, dancing, or asking her out on dates. There’s nothing more.

You ask for her number to set up a date. You will learn more about one another through conversations during the date. She will continue giving you these signals if she enjoys the information she is hearing and feels that there’s a mutual connection and attraction. You may also see her signaling that she is open to another date. She might not be very subtle, but she will most likely text or say “That was great!” It was a great night.

You take her out on another date. You might find that she is open to physical intimacy if you go on a good date. She may be able to get physically closer to you without making contact. You can initiate contact with her by reaching out for her hand, and then going for a kiss after the date ends.


It’s a Good Idea to Recall Things She Said In Previous Conversations

You’ve talked to a girl often and she keeps referring to bits from the last conversation. This is a sign that you have made an impact and she wants to let you know she loves you. You can be nervous about telling someone what you think. Instead, pay more attention to the small things.

You can assume that she is caring about you if you say, “Wow, I don’t believe you remembered that.”

Not everyone has an impeccable memory. She may not bring up conversations from the past, but that doesn’t make her care.

It’s All About the Details

Girls are detail-oriented a lot.

While big, extravagant gestures are fine (though we’re not going to complain that a man whisks us away to Paris for a mini-break …), when a girl is trying to express her affection, she’ll do it through small details and less grandiose gestures.

You might get dinner from her, or she may buy something for you. She will invest time and money in things that are meaningful to you.

She makes and holds eye contact

A woman who makes eye contact and stays there for longer than 3 to 5 seconds with you is a good sign that she’s interested.

This could be due to many reasons.

Eye contact can cause a release of oxytocin in the brain if she is really attracted.

This is what she feels (and, if you are also interested in her, for you as well) pretty amazing. Dopamine and oxytocin are the only things you truly enjoy in life.

However, prolonged eye contact could indicate that she is trying to engage you.

She uses this to say, “I am interested in you and you are worthy of me.” Come to me and get involved.


She Allocate Time For You

We don’t waste time on things or people that are valuable and rare. If a woman has time in her schedule to make room for you, it is a sign that she likes you very much.

Margot Schulman, author of Choose Love: A Simple Path To Healthy, Joyful Relationships Margot Schulman stated that a girl will only like you if you make time for her.

You will notice a clearer sign when she is available in writing and not just physically. Despite her busy schedule, she will pick up the phone or reply to texts. If she didn’t like you, then she wouldn’t do these things.

Don’t overanalyse

It can become distracting and all-consuming to try to determine if a girl loves you. You may become obsessed with winning her affection rather than learning about her personality.

Instead of spending a lot of time trying to determine if she is interested in you, spend some time every so often with her friends. Be clear about your intentions (via subtle flirting) or you could end up “friend-zoned” forever.

Create time for your two

If she makes time to spend with you, it is a sure sign she loves you. A lady that likes you will also make every effort to be available via phone or in person to ensure you have more quality time and more conversation.


She is visibly shy or nervous

She will be more comfortable around people she loves if she isn’t familiar with you well.

She wants to leave a lasting impression.

Business Insider lists seven indicators that can be used to determine if someone’s nervousness:

  1. They touch their faces. You can do this by pressing their forehead, pushing their cheeks or touching their eyes.
  2. They blink less often. Research has shown that people who are nervous tend to blink more often.
  3. They squeeze their lips. It is instinctive to defend ourselves against danger.
  4. They have fun with their hair. It’s a great way to reduce anxiety. This is a stress-reducing activity.
  5. They twist their arms and hands. It could be interlaced squeezed fingers or a rotation of hands back-and-forth awkwardly.
  6. They hold their hands together.
  7. They excessively yawn. Although this may seem odd, research shows that yawning can help regulate body temperature by bringing fresh air to the nose and mouth. The brain heats up when there is anxiety and stress.

If she is making these gestures around you it could indicate that she is nervous. This can be a sign she loves you.

You’ll find that you can build a relationship with her as she gets to know your body better.

Is she shy?

A shy girl may look away when you look at them, pretending she was not staring at you. You might notice her smiling more when she is around you or acting awkwardly around others.

These are the signs that a shy girl likes you

This section will discuss the signs that a shy girl loves you.

Researchers conducted research in the 1980s to identify subtle signals that indicate a woman’s interest in a man.

The researchers meticulously tracked how humans showed romantic interest in other people using non-verbal cues.

Researchers chose locations that could draw people, such as coffee shops, bars, or clubs.

The body language and mannerisms men and women display when they are interested in someone were the basis of their research.

The studies didn’t discriminate or analyze people randomly, so they did not identify introverted subjects.

One thing is certain: regardless of whether someone was outgoing or shy, their body language was not lied to.

The signs that shy girls like you can be subtle but they will still be noticeable if your eyes are open. We are sharing these signs today with you.


She asked personal questions

This sign is not noticed by many men.

These questions are not the “getting to understand you” type of questions. These are questions that extend beyond the normal “getting to know you” type of questions.

You might find the emotional side to her questions.

Instead of asking “What do you do”, it could be “What motivates you?”

Be aware of questions you aren’t used to answering. You’ll be able to tailor her questions towards your needs, as she will take longer with you.

It’s a great sign of attraction and interest.

She Mirrors Your Advances

Although I consider myself outgoing, I communicate my romantic interest more passively than actively. Because I fear rejection, I am looking for him as a leader if I like him. While I can match any escalation I make, I doubt I will move the needle. If you’re interested in my services, please ask me questions and I will make physical advances if necessary. Mia K., 30 years old, novelist.

Attention to eye contact

A girl who likes you will either keep her eyes on you for a while or look down when your eyes touch hers. One of these answers could indicate that she is interested in you. She may be nervous, or perhaps not yet ready to share her true motives, but it could still mean she likes you.

If a girl is attracted to you, it’s possible for her pupils to dilate. However, this can be difficult to determine.

This could indicate that the girl likes you if you glance at her.

Touch and physical contact are initiated by her

Once, I went to a party with some friends. One time, however, I was sitting by myself with a coworker at work. She is usually reserved. She was usually reserved. However, this evening she seemed a little more open to our conversion.

Between sips from her sweet-red wine, she leaned in closer to me and confided that it made her feel more like herself.

Then, she put her hand on my right leg just above my knee.

We looked at one another for a moment.

She literally communicated an “I like you” message using nothing but her voice.

Men need to be aware that the majority of human mating rituals take place in silence.

We will improve our abilities to read between the lines, understand the subtleties of women’s behavior and quickly learn to distinguish what is really happening.

It is also important to realize that men are more likely to start a romantic relationship with women than they are with men. They are keen to make a casual touch. Every situation may not be as simple as I have described.

You may accidentally touch your arm with a gentle brush, gentle ‘nudges, or a hip press against your hip as another person walks past.

Pay attention to what a woman does when she touches you, whether it is intentional or not.

Unwanted touch is something women are very good at. It is possible that the accident was not intentional.


The Signs that a girl is attracted to you

If you’ve ever read an article online, you’ll have seen a listing of body signals women use to tell you they are attracted to them. Although it is easy to dismiss lists like this, recent research shows that there may be something to them.

Monica Moore, a psychologist, spent several months watching over 200 women in bars, restaurants, clubs and other places. She discovered that women will do 52 different things when they are attracted to men. You don’t need to show interest in all 52 things. Some women will have their favorite flirty moves. However, it’s more common for women to show these signs more often and more frequently than you might think.

Moore saw 12 of 52 signals most often:

  • Smile at you
  • Sending brief glances your direction
  • Turning your back when she looks at you
  • You making prolonged eye contact
  • Run your fingers along her hair
  • Licking her lips
  • Exercising her neck Turning her head towards you
  • Turning her back towards you. Gently touching your arm or shoulder with her light touch
  • Talking while laughing
  • Caressing an item in her hands

The most obvious signs of interest for females are smiling, eye contact and/or frequent glances at you.


She touches her hair often or fidgets with it

It is likely that a woman playing with her hair, fidgeting or doing some other type of “anxious/nervous” movement, will be referring to one of the following:

To ease her anxiety, she’s making a “replacement gesture“. She may be downright uneasy and not sure what she should do

Let me tell you, this is the truth. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a girl is interested in you if she plays with her hair, or fidgets with her coffee cup.

It can.

Other factors must be considered.

This one is all about context.

When I am out with a woman, I try to make eye contact and see her reaction.

She should keep eye contact for at least 2-3 seconds with me, then look away and start fiddling with her hair. Then she will continue to smile and give positive signals to me

This is a sign she’s probably nervous but wants to be there.


Remember that not all girls are going to be able to decide if they love you.

While some girls may be very interested in you and others might not, they will all be making their own decisions.

They are the kind of girls who will make you feel like a queen and treat you the same way the next day.

This is something I cannot stress enough. Watch out for girls like these:

– She is trying to take advantage and manipulate you. You need to be aware of your value and not “used” by her to make others jealous or feel better.

It’s important for your mental health and emotional well-being to avoid believing this.

She could be indecisive or unsure about what she wants. This could spell doom for your mental health. You’ll be pushed around by her.

You should give this person space, and then move on.

Tiny Details about you she remembers

It is a sign she is insecure about her emotions, but she is not afraid to tell you. Imagine telling her once that nachos are your favorite snack while you watch a movie.

She may make sure you get snacks and beverages next time she takes you to the movie theater. This is a sign of her deep love for you.

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