How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet Without Vinegar | Remove the Clean Slime and Slime Stain without the smell

You need to know how to remove slime from carpet and other areas in your home if you have children who love slime. We are here to help with this common mommy problem.

Kids are obsessed with slime these days. It has a certain charm that many kids love and become obsessed with. What about mommies? While playing with slime with your kids can be a great way to bond and have fun, it can also cause you headaches.

It’s fun to see your children make slime and turn it into something. It’s a fun activity that children can enjoy and, we have to say, it is also a source of creativity. The problem is that once they’re done playing, there will be a mess. It could end up on their hair, clothes, or even on your carpet. This is what we are referring to today.

We are not sure that parents, especially mothers, will be so concerned about their children’s slime playing. Even more so if the slime ends up causing damage to the carpet. Carpets come at a cost, and it can be very difficult to clean them up.

Before we get into the details about getting slime out of your carpet or anywhere else in your house, let’s first discuss some important information.

How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet Without Vinegar

What is even slime?

According to CNET, slime can be described as “a mixture household items that are combined to make a polymer substance that acts both like a solid or a liquid depending on how it is used.” Slime is also known as a “non Newtonian fluid”.

It can be messy but it is a great way for your children to learn about scientific principles.


Slime has become a popular hobby for many reasons.

Children, especially, love to play with slime. They enjoy watching the slime transform from a solid form to a liquid and vice versa.

Squishing the slime between your fingers is a great way to relieve stress and tension. It is so gooey, stretchy that many people love it.

Other kids find it interesting to see basic ingredients transform into something completely different after mixing them all together.


You should first understand the basics of slime before you can learn how to remove it from carpet. Let’s begin with the types of slime.

It appears that it can be found in many forms.

– Borax-free Slime – This slime is safe for children and parents. Some parents will be fine with it while others prefer a slime that does not contain it.

– Cleaning slime — This is a thicker version of slime. CNET’s article states that it works almost like a lintbrush to remove crud from your keyboard and other electronic devices.

– Fluffy slime — This is a favorite slime among children, especially younger ones. It feels like you’re holding a marshmallow. Some kids, as well as adults, find it enjoyable to squish.

Glitter slime or Unicorn slime — Another favorite of children. Glitter slime, or unicorn slime, uses the same basic lime recipe but with glitters. It is most popular with young girls.

– Glow in the Dark Slime — This slime glows in the dark, as the name implies. It can be made at home by children without the use of any toxic ingredients.

– Popping slime — This slime is made primarily of Styrofoam and other types of beads, then mixed with regular slime.


You can make slime with different kinds of ingredients. A basic slime usually contains the following ingredients:

  • Borax
  • Contact solution
  • Cornstarch
  • Food coloring
  • Glitter
  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • Shaving cream
  • Shampoo
  • White school glue

There are specific ingredients and processes for each type of slime. The American Chemical Society‘s recipe includes the following:

  • Elmer’s glue (white or gel glue)
  • 20 Mule Team Borax
  • Water
  • Food coloring (optional).

How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet Without Vinegar

Many moms agree that getting rid of slime on carpet or other surfaces at home, as well as in the hair and clothes of your children, can be difficult. It can be removed with vineger, but that leaves behind a strong stench. . Is there an easier way? Here are some ways on how to get slime out of carpet without vineger :

1. Warm water

You will need water and scraper slime cleaner to clean the slime from the carpet.

Carpet is one of the most difficult things to clean at home. You can clean the carpet with hot water and elbow grease depending on what kind of slime was used.

Slime is usually not water-soluble. However, if you combine a little scraping with an old-fashioned rinse action, you’ll be amazed at the results. There is no need to worry about damaging your carpet. You can actually use a high-traffic carpet cleaner every day, if you wish.

We mentioned earlier the need for a butter knife or a scraper. These tools can be used to break down and scrape large chunks of slime. After scraping the slime, vacuum it up immediately.

After you have removed the slime, rinse the sponge with water. Blot the stain. The warm water will heat the slime and loosen it. After waiting for about one minute, blot the area with a dry cloth until all the water has evaporated.

2. Rubbing Alcohol

You read that right. To clean up slime on your carpet, you can also use rubbing alcohol. You should use isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol.

You will need a sponge, a blunt scraper and a vacuum to remove slime from your carpet with rubbing alcohol. Here’s how to remove slime from carpets using rubbing alcohol.

Be aware that alcohol can stain some fabrics. Before you begin cleaning the slime off your carpet, be sure to test the solution on a small area. The rubbing alcohol can cause damage to the carpet backing, so please do not allow it to touch the carpet backing.

After you’re done testing, clean the carpet by scraping and vacuuming any slime. Next, dampen the sponge with undiluted rubbing alcohol and then gently blot the stain.

Continue this process until all the stain is gone. After everything is removed, allow the stain to dry for several hours before you can walk on it.

3. Club Soda

This is the next step in our cleaning list. It works just like cleaning your carpets with water. Club soda is a great way to boost your cleaning power. The basic ingredient in club soda is carbonic acid. It is mildly cleansing. It can also remove the slime stain from rugs. If water is not enough, a club soda can be used as an alternative.

You will need basic tools such as a scraper, spray bottle, dry cloth, and vacuum to clean slime with club soda.

You will use the scraping instrument to break down the slime and then use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of any extra slime. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the results. After you are done, pour the club soda into the spray bottle and spray the stain on thoroughly.

Let the club soda sit on the carpet stain at least 5 minutes, then wipe the area with the dry cloth. This method can also be used to clean slime stains from mattress pads and blankets.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide can also be used as a cleaning agent. You can even make your own hydrogen peroxide cleaners to clean different materials, such as wood, countertops, and clothes. Hydrogen peroxide works by removing grime and stains with its foaminess. Then it helps break down the slime into smaller pieces, making it easier to remove from carpets.

Hydrogen peroxide can bleach carpet fiber and fabrics so be cautious. It is best to use hydrogen peroxide only on light-colored carpets. To ensure that it doesn’t damage your carpet, you should first do a spot-test.

Mix 3 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide with 1/2 cup warm water to remove slime stains from carpets. Put the solution in a spray bottle. To complete the process, make sure you have a scraper, sponge, dry towel, vacuum cleaner, and other tools.

Similar to the previous paragraphs, use a scraper to remove any slime from your carpet. You can then scrape out any large pieces of slime and vacuum up the rest. Spray your hydrogen peroxide/water mixture onto the stain to make it wet.

Allow the solution to sit for at least five minutes, then use a sponge to blot the area. Continue this process until the stain disappears completely. Use the dry cloth to dry the area.

5. Citrus Solvent

A citrus solvent can be used as a substitute for DIY cleaners and high-strength, commercial cleaners. It can be used to remove slime from carpets. A citrus solvent can be used to cut through slime stains.

Citrus solvent is less likely than other commercial cleaners to cause damage to your carpet. To ensure that your carpet isn’t damaged, test the citrus solvent cleaning solution on a small area first. Use gloves when cleaning with citrus solvent.

You will need to clean slime stains from your carpet with a citrus solvent bottle.

As with the previous instructions, first break up the dried slime using a scraper tool. Then vacuum up any remaining pieces. The sponge can be used to apply the diluted citrus solvent to the slime stain.

Be sure to read the instructions on how long it takes before you blot the sponge. After rinsing the sponge, soak it in water to rinse it off. Next, remove any remaining solvent. Use a towel to dry the carpet.

6. Liquid Dish Soap

You’ve got a lot of ideas now on how to remove slime from carpet. But there’s more! You can use liquid dish soap to remove the slime stain from your carpet.

You will need to mix 1 teaspoon of unscented, clear liquid dish soap with 2 cups warm water. Then, pour the solution into a spray-bottle. You will also need a bucket full of warm water, a scraper, a dry cloth, and – of course – vaccum cleaner.

Make sure you remove any slime stains first. The vacuum can then be used to clean up the debris. Spray the area with the liquid dish soap solution to remove the slime stain. Use a sponge to blot the area. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the results.

After rinsing the sponge, soak it in warm water and then rub the area to remove any soapy water. Use a dry, clean cloth to dry the sponge.

Here’s a video showing how to get slime off carpet:


Should We Get Slime Out Of The House ?

The current trend in kids’ slime is: It can be messy but it is actually educational. If you are worried about your children having fun with slime, don’t worry. There are many ways to get slime off the carpet.



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