How to Build a Simple and Portable Seawater Distiller for Your Survival

portable seawater distiller

A Portable Seawater Distiller You Can Build Cheaply. Everybody knows how precious water is, to our survival. If you go without it for 24 hours to 48 hours, obviously your body will be weak and will show signs of dehydration. Your body will start to show signs of kidney pains, headaches, or even losing or increasing body temperature, and it gets worst if there are no drinkable water in sight. What are the possible scenarios that you may face with this kind of situation ?

Probably when you are lost in the woods, or you run out of supply of drinkable water, and the nearest civilization is miles away. Or you intentionally not bring much of it for the long trip because it’s heavy, and you know you will be close to the sea, and you have a distiller with you?

More unthinkable scenarios would be a terror attack on our water source and contaminate it? That would sent people scrambling into an emergency chase for drinkable fluid. It’s always better to learn as much survival skills so we are well equipped with the knowledge.

For those who do not know what a distiller means, it’s basically a device that uses a treatment process called distillation, where you heat contaminated or dirty fluid, in this case, seawater which is contained in a stainless steel bottle, to boiling point. At this point, when you continue to heat the seawater at this temperature with lesser bubbles, the seawater will be converted into steam. The steam is made to go through a series of wounded copper coil cooled by a rug with running seawater. When the steam cools down, it will turn into a clean drinkable water without the contaminants, salt and impurities. This process of changing contaminated fluid into steam by heat, and then condense back into distilled water, is called distillation. The distillation process takes away the salts, impurities, the virus, bacteria and most of the organics chemicals, to turn seawater into distilled water. It may not completely remove some of the man-made chemicals, but it’s definitely 100x better than drinking seawater.

So would you be interested to know the skills in building a water distiller kit that is portable, small and inexpensively? You can probably build this with a small investment under $70. There isn’t any new distiller kit in the market that is portable and cheap that you can buy off the shelves. Most of them are heavy and cost above US$200 and are more suited for use at homes or for camping trips. So what is the next best thing ?

Here is the new method improved by Kenneth Kramm in 2015, that teaches you how to build a portable water distiller kit, also known as survival still, that you can put into your bug-out or haversack bag. This survival still would be especially useful if you are close to the coastal lines or wells and you have a fire stove to heat it.

So how good is this survival still you may ask? Well, this distiller can yield one cup of distilled water in 40mins. Much faster than a solar still which takes one day to yield only a few drops of water, not much to quench your thirst!
This portable distillation kit will be so valuable if ever a disaster struck. As long as you are near to the ocean, or wells, or any water source, you can survive indefinitely with this small distillation kit. You just have find some firewood or any heating source to heat it.

Well, I’m sure in the near future, there will be an efficient distiller that uses solar energy to heat and make your distillation process so much easier. Meanwhile, check out this survival guide in how to build a portable distillation kit set, that will give you distilled or fresh water from the most dirty fluid you can find. But you have to make sure that the dirty fluid is not contaminated with harmful chemicals.

See this video by Kenneth Kramm


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