How to build a simple 2-in-1 Solar Heater and Solar Oven

solar heater

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Accidental discovery leads to a effective Solar Heater using greenhouse panels.

This girl stumbled upon a great idea when she was experimenting with greenhouse panels on her bedroom window.

solar heater

She was trying to heat up her room during winter using leftover greenhouse panels she had build from her last greenhouse project. One thing leads to another, and after extensive testing for months, she came up with a solar heater that you can heat up your room during winter, and to cook simple delicious food, all by her window! How convenient!

During winter, it was used as a Solar Heater to warm up her room. She bought some very cheap solar fan that turns when there is light, so tha it can draw the hot air into her room. If she needs to switch off the heater, she can easily do that by shutting her window pane.

She had also use it as a solar oven and successfully cooked food like eggs, lentil soup, rice and making hot water for Japanese tea.

greenhouse panels

greenhouse panels

greenhouse panels

The Solar Heater is simple to make and it’s definitely a smart way of living !

Check out this video for the details.

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