How Paint By Number Kits Benefit the Artist

Like many hobbies, painting by number has a multitude of benefits. Adults have long been aware of the painterly benefits that can be derived from absorbing colors and the associated feelings and emotions that they emit. Children also experience similar benefits when learning to paint by number. The reasons for this appeal to both children and adults are both psychological and neurological.

Like most hobbies, painting by number can be a profoundly relaxing activity. Just like coloring pages, it forces participants to take a break from the chaos of life and return to a quiet place where the canvas can be applied with ease. Like many relaxing activities, painting by number also requires the presence of another person. It requires a willing volunteer to help steady the easel and provide encouragement as the paints flow gently but steadily.

Paint by number is also scientifically proven to foster mindfulness. In a recent study conducted at the Center for Studies in Cognitive Neuroscience, participants were asked to look at a series of evenly spaced numbers on a flat surface. The results indicated that those who painted had a significantly greater awareness of the number of each number as the numbers increased in sequence. This evidence supports the notion that the act of painting calms the mind and stimulates an increased level of awareness.

Painting by number offers another psychological benefit. Though it seems obvious, the act of tracing the colors on a canvas can be a great way to exercise the brain. By painting, participants were shown images of familiar faces while their brains were shown pictures of these faces while the images were being tracked on a computer. When the images were removed, participants were able to recall the images better than they had at first. This study proves that even seemingly unimportant tasks like painting can be used as a means of exercising the brain.

There is another psychological benefit to painting by number canvases. When you sit down to paint, you are more likely to pay attention because you feel more engaged. When you are engrossed in a conversation or watching TV, your mind often drifts. However, when you are painting, you are forced to pay attention, to stay focused, and to slow down. This can have a positive impact on one’s concentration and ability to pay attention to tasks at hand.

Another psychological benefit to painting a number canvas is that, unlike traditional painting methods, the medium has a much higher perceived value. Because of the physical properties of the canvas, paintings have a tendency to retain their value for a longer period of time. With conventional painting techniques, over time the paint can begin to wash away, leaving a dull, unsightly mess. When using acrylic paints, however, a paintbrush can actually push the paint out of the canvas, leaving the user with a beautiful canvas but without the ability to restore it.

Paints can also be applied in a variety of different amounts. Because of this variety, painting a number of canvases is the perfect method for artists who are new to the medium, as they can experiment with different levels of detail and color. On one hand, a small brush works perfectly on a large canvas; on the other hand, using a brush and a large amount of paint can create an illusion of more depth than is actually present. The ability to play around with different sizes and levels of brush stroke will allow people to truly discover their own painting style.

Paint by number kits can also be used to save money on materials. It is typically more expensive to purchase oil paints individually than it is to purchase a set of brushes and paint. By purchasing an all-in-one kit with acrylic paints, oil paints, and brushes, individuals can save money and gain access to a wide variety of paints and mediums. They can also take advantage of reduced prices on canvas, which makes these kits even more attractive.

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