How Much Does a Therapist Need to Know About Anatomy?

 Anatomy Angel W. Elements Florence ” Knowing where muscles end and begin, what they need to and need to not feel like, and what knots and trigger points seem like are helpful so you are not digging on some part of a bone and questioning why its not launching and the customer remains in dreadful discomfort. Think it or not, this has actually occurred to me and all I did was ask the therapist to withdraw on the pressure. I didn’t have the heart to inform her she was eliminating the inferior angle of my scapula .” Steph P. Elements Centennial ” Massage therapists should have a quite extensive understanding of anatomy . Not just is it essential to understand the muscular system– muscle accessories and actions– and skeletal system, it is likewise essential to comprehend how massage impacts the body systemically.” Danny P. Elements Westford ” It’s crucial to comprehend the skeletal and muscular structure. Awareness of origins and insertions of the muscles to the skeleton makes it possible for the massage therapist to treat their customers properly. Without this understanding, it’s difficult for the therapist to be reliable.” Colleen O. Elements Louisville East ” I’m not exactly sure how to measure it so I’ll share a story with you. I have 2 buddies in the medical field– one physician and one nurse– and when I remained in school the 3 people were discussing my anatomy class. Both of them were astonished at how in-depth I was throughout the conversation. My medical professional buddy stated, “You understand more about anatomy than I ever understood!”” In order to work, at a minimum, we require to understand where a muscle starts and where it ends, what it does and what other muscles assist it to do its task. The more we understand, the much better it is for our customer.” Bonnie V. Elements Wilsonville ” The more anatomy you understand, the much better. It is useless unless you combine it with physiology . Lots of people concern a massage therapist for a strange discomfort that they understand absolutely nothing about. If you understand how the body works– things like the fascial line that links the best foot to the left side of the back of the head, or how the neck can make the arm go numb, or how a trigger point in the calf can offer somebody a headache– then you are more able to successfully and effectively deal with an individual and get them back doing the important things that they enjoy; and this will bring them and their good friends back to you. This likewise makes the distinction in between a therapist that rubs individuals and one that deals with individuals.” Emily V. Elements Nutley ” As a therapist you must you understand the majority of your anatomy. When a customer comes in with a particular issue, this will assist you. If you understand your anatomy you can personalize the massage to their particular requirements and deal with all locations connected to their particular issue.”


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