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Holy Smokes Taylor Swift’s Reputation Has Already Sold Over 925,000 Units!

Taylor Swift‘s Standing has already gained quite the, well, standing!!

As you may’ve discovered, Miz Swift’s sixth studio album went flying off the shelves as she sold 700,000 copies in its first day at the U.S. Plus it seems as though those numbers are Swiftly (sorry, we needed to) growing as the Gorgeous singer has now sold over 925,000 units.

And she is on the fast track to platinum status!

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Nielsen Music monitored the sales from TayTay’s first date till Sunday’s closing of business. If Standing continues to sell at this rate, TS6 could sell over 1 million units in the week end on November 16. Swift may earn her sales week nonetheless!

If everything goes according to plan, Taylor’s Standing could even surpass the debut number 1989 nabbed — which was 1.29 million copies during week a single.

We wonder — is Taylor …Ready For It? ?

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