Holiday gifts for 20 dollars that are actually useful (and not gag gifts)

Give the gift of unlimited dog selfies.
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The holidays are right around the corner, and with the holidays come those super-fun-but-super-hard-to-shop-for talent exchanges. Whenever there’s a price limit so everybody can chunk on a budget, it’s sometimes difficult to obtain a great gift that’s cheap and useful. You’re able to find something below the limit in almost no time, but is next year the money a gag gift that will be re-gifted?

Check out our list of gift items under $15 that somebody will really use.

For the fitness freaks

Holding onto things such as keys, wallet, and a phone throughout a workout is pretty inconvenient. This $14.99 phone storage water bottle will allow your fitness-loving buddy to stay connected and keep track of the stuff without any worry. With an iPhone 5, 6, or 7, compartments for credit cards, and also somewhere to feed cans this bottle will keep the important stuff in one area.

For Your music obsessive

Give them the gift of a speaker, if you have got a buddy who can’t live without the songs. This metallic matte portable Bluetooth and AUX speaker comes in four colors and is just $12.99, but also plays tunes with superb crisp, high quality sound. The recipient will not have the ability to be everywhere without it.

For Your NASA enthusiast

If you have a person in your own life that reads up on black holes rather than watching Netflix, this aesthetically pleasing $20 moon lamp could actually light up their day. Even if your pal isn’t an avid space fan, this lamp is 10x more exciting than the traditional lampshade — colors even change.

For the extreme dog individual

We all know that one individual who’s obsessed a little bit greater than the ordinary individual. This present is for them. The Pooch Selfie dog selfie stick for $12.99 makes taking selfies with their dog simple –thanks to some tennis ball holding the dog’s attention.

For the avid tech customer

Reality, match cardboard. OK, so this isn’t the most high tech VR headset on the market, but for $15.00, it’s pretty darn impressive. The Google Cardboard is a headset that works with the individual’s smartphone and an program, permitting them to become immersed in whatever’s on their phone screen.

For the wine connoisseur

Everyone understands how risky it’s to leave a wine glass sitting in the sink or on the counter (cats are actual brats.) A 4-pack of all shatterproof wine glasses for $12.95 is the ideal, worry-free present for the wine enthusiast on your life.  

For the Man who loses literally everything

If you’re shopping for someone who misplaces all of their belongings or constantly leaves their phone lying about in a public location, this is the toy for them. For $14.99, provide your slightly spacey friend the gift of having the ability to monitor and locate their phone, wallet, bag, keys, pet, and all other significant possessions with a Bluetooth and program enabled smart tracker and alarm.

For the multiplayer

It’s sad that arcades are not actually something anymore — especially with all the premiere of Stranger Items 2, it’s easy to wish those basic games were still about. ThinkGeek makes that possible with these miniature handheld arcade games: select from Asteroids, Centipede, Frogger, or Q’bert and take the gamer on your own life back to the excellent ol’ days.

For Your java addict

Spice up someone’s morning routine with a self-stirring mug for $13.89. This mug’s exterior is cool enough on its own, perfectly resembling a camera lens. The feature makes drinking on the move more convenient — ideal for your morning person.

And for the coffee addict that spends a lot at Starbucks

Most of us recognize that buddy that spends time if we mention the money? Luckily, this miniature coffee maker is available at Urban Outfitters and ideal for a speedy morning cup (up to 14 ounces). Insert a K-cup, press on the button, and enjoy a beverage that is fresh in minutes. Get it for just $19.99 here.

For Your nostalgic hoarder

Most of us know that one person who retains everything –wristbands, receipts from particular events, and especially tickets (I am that person.) This $12.99 ticket stub journal is every nostalgic hoarder’s fantasy — with page after page of clear sleeves with numerous pocket sizes and margins below to write down information from the function. Each memory can now be saved in an organized way with this book.

For the person who likes to zone out

Lots of Bluetooth headphones exist, but they can be expensive, obnoxiously big, or die in one hour. However, this pair of Bluetooth earbuds are. They’re so small they are basically invisible to other people, last for 4-6 hours, and so are rated super large on Amazon. Get them for $19.99 here.

For Your self-proclaimed nerd

If you’ve got why don’t you get them a science present that doubles as a decoration that is ailing? This $14.99 Galileo thermometer is just as elegant as it’s functional. The glass spheres on the inside are all densities that fall or independently grow depending on the temperature. We bet they do not have one of these.

For Your artsy friend

If you have got a buddy who has to take a picture of everything with their Polaroid camera, then this is exactly what they require. For $12.00, they could hang Polaroids or developed film on a string of whimsical lights with picture clips.

For Your Star Wars enthusiast or the idle cook

This R2-D2 measuring cup set is adorable to not use — it stacks up into a Artoo decoration, and who would not want that in their kitchen? Get it (or the BB-8 variant) for $19.99 here.

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