Hey, White Working Class, Donald Trump Is Already Screwing You Over

The Carrier deal was a sham. Ivanka’s moving her shoe production out of China–and into Ethiopia. Wake up, people. You’ve been played.”>

DearWorking-ClassWhite TrumpVoter,

Youre probably going to read this as sour grapes, and I certainly am sour about a family of kleptocrats moving into the White House because 80,000 of your votes in states that get more federal taxation dollars thantheyput intrump 2.7 million of ours, even though we carry you financially, and California and New York could function just fine as our own countries, without you.

But the reality is, I do live in a blue country. My governor and mayor are Democrats. Undocumented immigrants are safe where I live. Two of my kids attend a private college, so they wouldnt have gotten free tuition anyway, and the third goes to a really good public school, where they teach science. I have a task( actually, multiple jobs) that cant be outsourced to Mexico. And Ill likely get a taxation cut. So Ill be fine over the next four years, as long as I dont encounter an angry policeman whos had a bad day. But allow me to be blunt, since I dont have any desire to pander to you, and it wouldnt work to pander to you anyway.

You voted for Donald Trump, thinking that he was on your side; that he will save your jobs and your way of life, what it is you imagine that is. Well, yougot played.

Over the course of his decades in business, Donald Trump has never given a damn about people like you. When he tore down the old Bonwit Teller buildingwhere my Jamaican godmother was one of the few black females allowed to work as a cashier in the 1960 s( her big claim to fame was satisfying Troy Donahue) to construct Trump Tower, Trump utilized undocumented white laborers, mostly Polish, to do it. When his company forced them to work in deplorable, dangerous conditions and even failed to pay them the meager wages they were promised and they complained, Trump threatened to have them deported.

Trump constructed Trump Tower employing mob cement , not Bethlehem steel. In fact, he has rarelyused American steel inthe fewbuildingshes actually constructed ;op ting for Chinesesteel instead. That includes two of his last three projects: the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas and the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago. Then again, Nevada and Illinois voted with us in the anti-Trump majority, so the joke wasnt precisely on them.

I wish to God the Clinton campaign had spent every waking month telling you guys about this stuff, instead of letting the moving and cinematic Man of Steel TV adby a pro-Trump super PAC probably funded by the same billionaires to whom hes about to give massive top-rate and corporate tax cuts, to stand. But they didnt. And here we are.

Now, your supposed hero of the working class, the blue collar billionaire who you insisted both during the campaign and afterwards heard you, understood you, spoke to you, and cared about you, is attacking one of you. Trump used his Twitter account this week to savage United Steelworkers 1999 of Indiana and its president, Chuck Jones, an ordinary working man who dared to tell the truth about the phony Carrier deal that the media shamefully allowed Trump to ride to glowing headlines and boosted poll numbers.

To review, Trump utilized his Twitter feed to credit himself for saving 1,100 tasks at Indiana furnace and air conditioning manufacturer Carrier. In fact, it was still-governor Mike Pence, Trumps soon-to-be vice president, who cut the deal to hand over$ 7 million in country tax abatements to Carrier in return for delaying the movement of 770 jobs to the companys new plant in Monterrey, Mexico. That move, over the next three years, and the shutdown of the Indianapolis plant, is still schemed. Another 300 white collar undertakings Trump claimed credit for, meaning researchers and administrators , not steel workers, were not being endeavoured to Mexico in the first place. And an additional 600 undertakings at that plant, plus 700 at a plant in nearby Huntington, Indiana, plus 350 more at a ball bearings mill owned by Rexnord Corp ., are still being shipped south of the border.

Meanwhile, despite the willingness of the incoming Trump-Pence administration to bribe a company with your taxation dollars, theres no guarantee that the small number of jobs saved are more than temporary. For all you know, Carrier only agreed to delay moving those 770 jobs until Christmas, to get the good press. And unlike President Obamas deal to save literally millions of automobile industry jobs in 2009, theres no agreement for Carrier to pay taxpayers back with interest.

When Jones pointed out that Trump utilized Carrier employees as props and lied his ass off about the jobs he was supposedly saving, Trump get mad. He tweeted at Jones, blaming him, and US1999, for driving tasks out of Indiana and out of the United States. Suppose about that for a momentyour next chairperson doesnt believe corporate greed and the pursuit of low wages are driving jobs out; he guesses unions are. That entails he thinks your health care benefits and retirement package are the problem , not your Ceo and the singular objective of enhancing stockholder value at your expense. Voices like a proper plutocrat to me. Well, Trump went after Mr. Jones, and now Mr. Jones is get death threats.

You ensure, Trump is for you, as long as youre quiet and obedient. The moment you step out of line and stop praising him, its on. Hell treat you no differently from how he treated the Gold Star family, the Khans, or former Miss Universe Alicia Machado for blaming him during the campaign. You didnt care much about them, since they is accountable to groups you were voting to sidelinethe Muslims and the Hispanics you think are taking over your country. But you might want to give a damn about Mr. Jones. Because what Trump is doing to him is a sign of things to come for you.

Meanwhile, Trump torched the stock of another American manufacturing company, Boeing, in retaliation for its CEO criticizing him; first inflating the size of their new contract to upgrade the Air Force One fleet, and then threatening to cancelthe deal wholly, which would cost American employment creation and assist Boeings only competitor: Airbus, of France.

Trump is a big businessman. Hes your boss or CEO , not one ofyour brothers on the line.

He is on record saying that in his view, wages in the U.S. are too high. Trumps pick for labor secretary, fast-food CEO Andy Puzder, is against raising the federal minimum wage, too.

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