How to build a solar furnace for $50?

solar furnace

A simple project that will save you $$ in electricity bill

The benefits of solar furnace cannot be mentioned enough especially if you can make one for under a very low cost of $50. With this low cost, it makes sense to start adopting solar system as part of house infrastructure. However, a fair advice is that if you are living in a region where there are little sunshine, then the benefits may not be significant enough to make the switch.

OK, so if you have decided to make one, then please see the below video to find out what materials you need and the instructions on how to build one. This DIY project is not too difficult to make and probably take a day or two to complete it.

Although the cost of making this solar furnace is low, you may need to make sure that there are minimum heat lost within your rooms. You don’t want to be over-setting the temperature to compensate for the heat loss. You want to build a solar furnace that is as efficient as possible. Therefore, any gaps will need to be close out. And to make this work even better, you may want to re-look your rooms if it can retain the heat. If not, some additional cost is required to have your room better insulated.


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