Hardtack, survival food that last 150 Years?


Hardtack, a Simple Crackers you can make for your Survival! Here is a super food that asserts that it can last for 150 years. Really ? Hard to believe, but if it’s possible, you can probably feed your generation two times over!
This super food is called hardtack. The word “tack” is derives from the British slang for “food” and because it’s hard as a rock, it’s called hardtack. It looks just like a simple squarish biscuit or cracker made from flour.

During the American Civil War, Mexican-American and Spanish-American war in the 19th century, the troops was fed with the hardtack. It was also commoly used in long sea voyages and military battlefields. Sometimes it’s called sailor boy pilot bread, ship’s biscuit, navy hardtack or, soldiers crackers. They were used as rations for sailors, soldiers and pilots and the great thing about hardtack is that it’s the most convenient foods to eat! Just soaked in water or crumbled into soup and that’s a good meal for the fighters in the most toughest times.

  • Making of Hardtack
    There are many variation of recipes but they are more or less about the same. It’s generally made with flour, water and salt and you can mix them together equally into a dough and cut them into little pieces. You put them in an oven to bake them till all the wetness in the dough are driven out and there you have it, a super survival cracker that you can feed on for many many years later.
  • Ingredients
    – Enriched white flour
    There are numerous type of flour in the market and this is crucial in making a long lasing hardtack. There are all purpose flour, bread flour, self-raising flour, instant flour, cake flour, pastry flour, rice flour, whole wheat flour, buckwheat flour, spelt flour, white flour, nut flour ,and there are much more .To make a long lasting survival food , it is advisable to use , white enriched flour which has the longest shelf life of 24 months, if correct storage conditions are adhered. The term “enriched”, means the flour had been stripped-off of its nutrients (oils) and become “oil-free” flour. Without the oil (nutrients), the flour is more stable. On the other hand, the “non-enriched” flour which has their nutrients (oil), can go rancid over time.
    – Salt
    – Water
  • Making the Dough
    Pour a few cups of flour and mix in the water into a bowl and work on flour thoroughly with your hands. Add a one or two teaspoons of salt into the mix and work on the dough until its completely beaten up into a nice ball. Then use a rolling pin to flatten the dough into half an inch thick. Then use a clean sharp tool to cut the dough into small squares. Then using a pin and make grid of holes on both sides of the dough.
  • Baking Process
    After that, place the dough into oven and bake for 30 min at 350 degrees. Then flipped the dough and bake the other side for the same duration and temperature.
  • Packaging
    This process is very crucial in making the hard tack last for the longest time. So once the baking is over, leave the crackers in the open to cool down. Store them in cool and dry place and make sure the environment is low in humidity. Make sure the hardtack are hygienically handled and then packed them into vacuum bags.

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