Hands on with Logitech’s Logi Circle 2 Wi-Fi home security camera

Left to right: Circle Cam 2, Circle Cam 2( wireless ), Circle Cam( wired ).


Logitech, makers of seemingly ever kind of computer accessory imaginable, is devoting its well-received Logi Circle home Wi-Fi connected residence protection a complete overhaul.

The company’s brand-new Logi Circle 2 security camera isn’t simply smaller, it’s also modular this time around.

The original Circle camera received our Mashable Choice award for its simple-minded and thoughtful layout, beautiful app, and easy-but-powerful aspects. The Circle 2, available in wired ($ 179) and wireless ($ 199) simulation, pushings those suggestions over the top.

First things firstly, the camera itself is now a whole lot smaller. The ball-shaped figure is start, replaced with a slimmer design. I kinda favor the older seem, which looked a bit more Apple-ish, but the slim down allows the magnetic mount to move from the base to its backside.

Wireless Circle 2 clips right into the wall mount via a thin metal rod.


Wired version is held together by a metal ball joint to give the camera head the illusion that it’s floating.


The wither down doesn’t come at the expense of improvements, though. Unlike the original, the Circle 2’s weatherproof it was therefore runs both indoors and outdoors.

Original Circle( left) vs. Circle 2( right ).

Image: raymond wong/ mashable

The Circle 2 easily attaches to mounts via its magnetic backside.


The lens’ field of view has been improved from 135 degrees to a wider 180 degrees no motorized pivoted expected like on some other Wi-Fi security cams.

Video capture resolution is still full HD 1080 p( 1,920 x 1,080) resolution it would have been great to get a lump up to 4K or at least utilize 4K resolving for further digital enhancements like Nest’s upcoming Cam IQ but, honestly, it should still look great. We had no issues such as 1080 p when we reviewed the original Circle cam.

Besides the redesign, and aspects upgrade, the most exciting thing about the Circle 2 is its modular layout. Logitech articulates its users have been asking for a lane to mount the Circle cam in different places that would have previously proved impossible or too challenging.

Attach the Circle 2 to the Window Mount and stick to a window to observe the outside world.


For example, if you want to mount the Circle 2 to a window to account outside, simply fix the Window Mount ($ 39 ). The mount likewise smartly helps fighting glare by disabling the infrared sensor and optimizes nighttime mode to work for better low-light capture.

Or if you want to mount the camera somewhere low-grade to, mention, observe your pets, you are able to go with the new Plug Mount ($ 29 ).

The new Plug Mount fits right into a regular socket and keeps it powered.

Image: raymond wong/ mashable

Sure, these are all extra pieces you’ll have to buy, but the advantage of a modular structure gives people the flexibility to change things up when you want to.

Other add-ons for the Circle 2 include the weatherproof expansion kit ($ 29 ), which extends the camera’s cables by 15 feet and has a protective cover for the ability adapter( great for outdoors ), and a backup rechargeable battery that lasts up to three months.

Image: raymond wong/ mashable

Though it doesn’t have a 4K image sensor, one region the Circle 2 beats the Nest Cam is digital deputy integrating. You can program Logitech’s own Pop Smart Buttons or voice commands through Amazon’s Alexa to do simple-minded things like move the camera on/ off, start a recording, and start a live chit-chat, to name a few things. It’ll also support Apple’s HomeKit through a software update.

And of course, the Circle 2 comes with the same excellent 24 -hours of free encrypted cloud storage, which you can then use to create those awesome Day Brief timelapses( like the one below ). If you need more storage, you can fee $3.99 for 14 periods or $9.99 for 31 days; the latter comes with some most powerful extras like gesture regions and person detection.

Image: raymond wong/ mashable

Wi-Fi security cameras are admittedly not super sexy, but when paired with voice helpers, they bring us closer towards delivering Star Trek technologies into our homes.

It’ll be interesting to pit the Nest Cam IQ against the Circle 2 and assure which one comes out on top. Stay tuned for that when we get the cameras in for testing.

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