Gut-Wrenching Image Shows Mother And Baby Elephant Running From Fire-Wielding Mob

Over 27,000 endangered Asian elephants live in India, with many in close proximity to residents of West Bengal. The two do not co-exist peacefully.

National Geographic accounts that while elephants utilize 101 corridors to journey through India, just 20 percent of those belts of property don’t have some individual settlements. Much of the pachyderms’ natural habitat has been removed by people. This has led to elephants damaging homes and ruining crops and farms. A number of individuals are even murdered by elephants, with 18 dying in West Bengal between January and September 2015. Tensions are extremely high between people and elephants and one heartbreaking picture highlights this battle in a manner.

Wildlife photographer Biplab Hazra won the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Award 2017 with his photo titled, “Hell Is Here.” It catches a mother elephant and her calf fleeing a mob. The baby can be seen engulfed in flames, but it endured the assault.

“The calf may not have been deliberately set on fire from the villagers living in the neighborhood of the elephant corridor that stretches from southwestern West Bengal around Saranda forest in Jharkhand,” Hazra stated. “But exploding crackers and throwing fireballs on elephant herds has been a common practice in this part of West Bengal. ” Learn more about the conflict between elephants and people beneath.

(via National Geographic)

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