Grounded teen gets stuck in her room and records her thrilling escape on Snapchat

Over its first year, mothers have come up with some somewhat creative ways to ground “their childrens”. They’ve taken away phone, free time and now … doorknobs?

Twitter user Alexa Pacheco‘s mothers thought they were penalise her by taking away her doorknob so she couldn’t lock her doorway, but we guess they didn’t account for the door closing and locking Alexa inside. She documents her passage from realization to flee in a Snapchat story fit for the big screen 😛 TAGEND

The music change, the black and white influence, the subtitles, the dramatics. Indie thriller or Snapchat story?

And is it simply us or does anyone else get a little panicky and short of breather when not even her mothers can get her out?

This girl has become an escape artist, a bud filmmaker and a free female all in one day. What a journey.

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