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Glittery lattes are the latest coffee trend and this seriously needs to stop

There appears to be no limit to what people want to perform with their coffee. If we are not pumpkin-spicing our lattes, we are making our frothy coffees unicorn or even terror themed.  

But, now people are adding edible glitter in their coffee because … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.  

UK, A coffee shop in the West Midlands, has been making glittery turmeric lattes and lattes, this week and they’ll go on sale.  

The cherry is edible. And, trying this one at home with glitter is certainly not a fantastic idea.  

Debs and Andrew Pease who run the coffee store in Melbourne, Lichfield, would be this glitter lattes’ founders. They say they experimenting with cakes and coffee. They state that the glitter lattes were an experiment to have a little fun.  

“We’re quirky, and unashamedly accurate to us. We love a laugh and making people happy,” the couple informed Mashable.  

“Whilst I take coffee seriously, I really like fun also and believe most of us have to have more fun in life and enjoy what we do,” they continued.  

However, Melbourne isn’t the coffee shop to create a glittery coffee drink. A coffee shop in India is currently promoting.  

Aside from the fact these creations are Instagrammable, it may be high time.  

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