Gift these Star Wars kitchen items to the super fans in your life and maybe they will make you food

Everything you want to throw a fancy Cloud City — sans the Vader invasion.
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Star Wars fans are the most dedicated fans you will find. Though this dedication is impressive (most impressive), the only problem is that it is difficult to gift a Star Wars enthusiast product they don’t already have.  

Well thanks to thy help around The Last Jedi, the choice of Star Wars product is better than ever. Give the superfan on your life a wonderful gift that is also helpful with our listing of the very best Star Wars kitchen gear.

Why bake pepper when you can use The Force?

Spice up your spices using a lightsaber salt and pepper shaker set. These weapons are battery operated and grind peppercorn at the touch of a button to provide your meals the kick it needs — and yes, they illuminate. Just try not to eliminate an arm. (Sorry, Luke.)

Take on thick crust using a plasma blade

Darth Vader obviously would have enjoyed pizza and could expect no less than to slit his pies together with his weapon of choice. Complete with classic lightsaber battle sounds, this lightsaber pizza cutter is the 1 way to generate pizza even more fun.

Baking is much more fun using R2-D2’s body parts as measuring cups

We foresee a lot of volunteering to create desserts to the potluck with those R2-D2 stackable measuring cups. Our favourite little droid’s body disassembles into four different sized cups, while his detachable arms twice as teaspoons and tablespoons. When he’s not being used, he could act as an adorable countertop decoration. An excessive amount of Artoo merch already? Try out the Death Star measuring cups instead.

Prepare for out of this world sushi encounters

The perfect thing for someone with a Star Wars addiction and a Asian cuisine addiction — as why use wooden chopsticks when you’re able to use lightsabers? Coming in two colours: Luke (blue) or Vader (red), these chop sabers light up and are available for only $12.99. Take benefit, you must.

Make drinks on par with all the Mos Eisley Cantina

Make water more intriguing with those Star Wars ice or candy molds. The $15.99 collection includes eight freezer and dishwasher safe mould trays with contours including the Millennium Falcon, X-Wings, Yoda, clone troopers, Darth Vader, and Han Solo. You can now trap your favorite characters in candy, ice, or chocolate — tastier than carbonite.    

This droid is way cuter than a Starbucks worker

Our favourite droid is pleased to help humans wake up in the afternoon rather than with his shout. Add grounds to boiling water, then allow him boil, dip, and voilà: four cups of hot java. Having a glass body and recently upgraded all-metal plunger meeting, Artoo is in first-class condition.

Beers, frozen in carbonite

OK, this one might be more of a guy cave gift — but it is like, the greatest piece of Star Wars product. This mini-fridge attributes our cherished Han Solo trapped in carbonite and red LED lights for particular results. Having a chilly and warm atmosphere, both the blue milk and bantha burgers can be stored as leftovers.

An effective way to showcase your trilogy obsession

When it might be a bit much to hang giant framed trilogy posters on your kitchen walls, it might be completely okay to have mini ones from the kind of dish towels. This collection of three includes towels printed with the classic trilogy posters, that’s the adult version of covering a bedroom in posters.  

Use the Force to keep food from burning

The Death Star kitchen timer is about to spare you from a lot of burnt meals and setting off the smoke detector — plus that does not want a green laser and pew-pew sounds as their cooking alarm?

Let The Force stir for you

The strongest Jedi masters want a little pick-me-up in the morning, and also this self-stirring Darth Vader mug is just the thing. Available in silver using Darth Vader or green using the empire emblem, Star Wars fans can be a bit more eager to get up in the afternoon.  

Blue milk smoothie, anyone?

Should you ever wanted any inspiration to wake up early for a healthy smoothie breakfast, it. This thick handheld immersion blender is impressively detailed to look like Darth Vader’s lightsaber. With multiple speed options to perfectly blend, you will really feel the energy of the Dark Side working hard to create your smoothie really smooth.

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