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They played Call Of Duty that night… ??

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Posted by Modern Survival Living on Saturday, December 24, 2016


Running out of ideas to find places to get new friends or to solicit leads for your business?

Most of us go to pubs, clubs, get-together events or some social gathering events to get to know more people, more friends or whatever you want to do, in terms of socializing.

The problem with these are that you normally will forget the people you meet in these events because it’s nothing unusual and people forget things that are usual. You do the de facto handshake and the eye contact and try to associate his face or personality to the person name.¬†Quite a mental task if you asked me. It’s not something I would do for every person I know. And even when we go through all these steps, we need to recall these pointers within the next 24 hours in order that it stick to our head. But, most of us would fail 99% of the time!

Why not do something that not normal people would do … lol….

Yes, it is not the best of place but if you hit it off well, I am very sure you would remember your new friend for a very long time! No need for eye contact though if you’re uncomfortable to stare into people’s eye…

But I have to warn you though, try not to shake your hands , in this kind of situation. lol…..

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