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General election: May falters during challenge over record on public services

PM confronted by nurse over issue of low-grade fee in Question Time special, while Jeremy Corbyn is questioned over Trident and national security

Theresa May went under sustained pressure over the Republican party record on public sector fee, mental health services and social care in a combative election edition of BBC1s Question Time broadcast less than a week before polling day.

The prime minister faced a string of awkward questions from members of the community, including certain challenges from a nurse, Victoria Davey, who left May faltering after confronting her over the 1% fee grow received by NHS staff.

May said she recognised the hard work people did in the health service but said her party had taken the difficult decision of enforcing fee restraint. Im being honest with you saying we will set more money in, but there isnt a magical money tree that it is possible to shake to get everything we want, she said.

The prime minister claimed wages in the NHS had increased, to which a mortal in the audience wailed that there had been a real-terms salary drop-off of 14% since 2010, adding: So dont tell us were get a fee rise.

One woman from the audience became emotional as she described emerging from a fitness-for-work experiment in tears after being asked about her suicide attempts. Im not going to make any apologizes for its own experience youve had, said here prime minister.

Under pressure after refusing to turn up for a Tv debate earlier in the week, May was enlivened at first and repudiated an accusation that she had performed a U-turn by calling a snap general election. No its not, sir I had the projectiles to call an election, she said.

Appearing straight-shooting after May on the programme of activities, Jeremy Corbyn likewise faced hostile questioning, seeing under pressure over defense and security.

Pressed over his willingness to push the nuclear button in the face of imminent threat, the Labour leader said: I suppose the idea of anyone ever use a atomic weapon anywhere in the world is completely horrendous and horrible. It would result in the destruction of lives and community and environment of millions of people. I would be actively engaged is so that danger didnt come about.

Asked again if there were any circumstances in which he would use such a weapon, Corbyn said his party had committed to renew Trident. I would view the idea of using a atomic weapon as something resulting in a omission of the world diplomatic structure, he said. There has to be no first apply. There has to be a process of engagement to bring about ultimately world nuclear disarmament You cannot countenance a world-wide in which we could all be destroyed by nuclear war.

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