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Freeze Dried Foods Are Good For Emergency Kits | Non-Perishable Food

non perishable food for emergency kit

Having non perishable food available in your emergency preparedness kits is essential. But, it’s not always easy to stock up on the essentials, such as dried meat, fish and poultry, sugar, coffee and tea. It’s difficult if you have no idea where to get the foods you need, and it’s most certainly not cheap either. But there are some alternatives that you can use for your emergency food supply, if you’re worried about having to cook these foods in your emergency kits.

A quick search online should show you plenty of companies that sell emergency supplies containing non perishable food. Many people are often surprised by just how much they can get for their money. Some companies even offer to deliver the food right to your front door. The only problem with this option is that you may not have access to the emergency foodstuffs you need, until after your next payday.

One good alternative is to buy frozen, non perishable food. If you can get hold of it during the off season, such as in January or February, you can be sure that it will last for at least a few months. But, you might have to cook it a bit longer than this, to make it tasty enough for you to eat, but you’ll get a huge saving on the food itself. There are many brands of freeze dried products available online and in specialist shops, and you should be able to find one that suits your needs. You should be able to get good quality food for a reasonable price. You can also get products that are packed in individual bags, so that you don’t have to keep unopened packages of food around for months together.

Another option for getting hold of the right kind of emergency food is to buy ready packs. These are commercially packaged food that you can either prepare yourself, or order from your local store. They come with detailed instructions on how to prepare them, and you should be able to find some that are suitable for you family’s needs. A number of different brand names are available, including Campylow, Essoya and Vivaxa.

Most people who buy their non perishable food in packs do so because they believe it will save them money. But, they often discover that they actually end up spending more, when they cook the food themselves and add more ingredients, to compensate for the loss of value that the packaging provides. This is especially important if they intend to cook the food themselves and make the freezing and storage process part of their routine emergency preparedness. However, once they’ve used up the packet of emergency food for emergency purposes, they don’t necessarily find that they need more emergency supplies.

It’s perfectly acceptable to stock up on emergency foodstuffs that you know are highly likely to stay fresh for a long time beyond the shelf life of many grocery store brands. The problem is that buying such foods in large quantities may not make economic sense in the long run, even though it might make for good emergency kit supplies in the short term. You’re better off purchasing small quantities at regular intervals over time, until you build up a stock that lasts the long term. That way, you’ll never have to worry about running out of non perishable food for emergency purposes. And that’s a worthwhile goal to pursue.

Non perishable food that is designed as freeze dried can be stored in your emergency kit in two ways. The first and more common method is to put the food in a Ziploc plastic bag, which will prevent air from getting in. The next option is to put the food in an airtight freezer bag. These methods both work well, but freeze dried foods take up less space and cost less than the Ziploc variety.

If you don’t want to bother with freezing and zipping things, you could just use a sealed container or box and write on the outside of it that the food is to be stored in an emergency supply only and that the bag is to be taken out of the storage after use. This makes it very clear what you’re going to do if you forget to bring your emergency food supplies on your next camping trip, but it’s also a lot more convenient. As long as you remember to buy non perishable food for emergency situations, your family’s odds of surviving an emergency get a little bit better every time.

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