10 Forgotten Survival Tips Over 100 Years Old!

forgotten survival tips

Back before people had every imaginable luxury at their fingertips, they had to survive using much different means.  There was no electricity, emergency services or even running water!  All these things are now givens.  Nowadays, most people cry when their wifi signal is on the fritz, or they can’t get their reality TV fix.

Let’s take a trip back in time to see how people from over 100 years ago survived with these forgotten survival tips.  A lot of these tips are still useful today. #9 is something all heroes out there must know!

1. Preserve Eggs

egg in salt

There is a simple trick you can use to preserve eggs.  The old, traditional way of keeping eggs was storing them in a box of salt.  Bury the eggs completely in the salt and ensure no air can reach the eggs.

The eggs can last up to a year using this method!  Plus, you have extra salt to use for survival.


2. Keep Plants Nice and Hydrated While Away

water plant while away

The last thing you want to have to do is stick around to keep your plants consistently watered while trying to survive.

The easiest way to keep them watered while you’re away is to first fill a pot with water.  Second, place the pot a little bit above the plants.  Third, cut long strands of wool.  Fourth, place one end of the strand in the bucket and the other into the dirt of the plant.  This wicking method can keep your plants hydrated for quite some time.



3. Remove Foreign Particles from the Eye

castor oil

One thing you should always have on hand is castor oil.  One of its many uses is removing almost anything from the human eye.  Place one drop of the oil using a paintbrush or dropper into the corner of the eye, and let it work its magic.


4. How To Fall a Tree

tree notch

It doesn’t take rocket science to make sure a tree falls in the right direction.  First, figure out which direction you want the tree to fall.  Cut into it on this side at a downward and inward angle.  Now, on the the opposite side, cut the same angle a few inches higher up the tree.

Once the tree is ready to fall, tie a rope around it and pull in the direction you want it to fall while ensuring you aren’t in harm’s way.  Trees with saps and syrups come in mighty handy.

5. Learn These Knots

double fisherman's knot

There are three knots you need to know.  Get acquainted with the Fisherman’s Knot, the Timber Hitch and the Clove Hitch.  All threes of these knots are constantly needed during times of survival.

6. Light a Match in the Wind

match stick

This is one cool trick.  In order to do it, you must first cut thin shavings near the head of the match.  Picture creating kindling out of the match handle near the head.  When you strike the match, the shavings will ignite and give the match a better chance to stay lit.


7. How to Detect a Gas Leak

detect a gas leak

After a natural disaster, there will be gas leaks.  There’s no way to get around it.  An easy way to find the leaks is by painting the suspected pipes with a thick lather of soap.  The soap will bubble in the exact spot of the leak, and show you where to make the repair.

8. Homemade Fire Extinguisher

home made fire extinguisher

Here is one trick you probably never thought about since fire extinguishers are so readily available.  You can use this trick if you don’t have one or used up your supply.

The recipe is one pound of salt, a half pound of salt-ammoniac and two quarts of water.  Mix these ingredients together, then store the mixture in quart-sized glass bottles.  If a fire breaks out, throw the bottles into the center of the flames until the fire is safely put out.

9. Rescue a Loved One from a Fire

rescue love ones from fire

If disaster strikes, you may have to save a loved one from a fire.  The first thing you need to do is moisten a bandage or cloth, and place it over your nose and mouth.  Next, grab a rope.

Crawl on all fours to locate the person you need to save.  Tie one end of the rope around his or her ankles and the other end around your chest and shoulders.  Army crawl your way out of the fire with the person in tow.  By staying low to the ground, you give yourself and the person your saving a better chance of finding oxygen.

10. Extract a Splinter the Old Fashioned Way

remove splinter


If you get a nasty splinter in your hand or foot, this old trick can help ease your pain.  Fill a widemouth glass jar with hot water nearly to the top.  Then take the mouth of the jar and push it tightly against the skin over the splinter.  Twist the jar some to create suction.  This will extract most splinters in a jiffy. 


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