Fleas On Furniture – Effective Home Remedies For Fleas

There are many home remedies for fleas on furniture but you need to know that they don’t work all the time. It’s also important to note that not all fleas carry the tapeworm virus, which means they will not be able to transmit it from one host to another. But that being said, there are several home remedies for fleas that can be effective. These include:

Wash your pet thoroughly. Fleas usually breed in the fur of your pet. Make sure to bathe them frequently so that the fleas do not lay their eggs under your dog’s fur. You should also vacuum the carpet and the bedding of your pet regularly. This will prevent your pet from walking into places where there are fleas.

Use flea powders. If you use flea powders or spot on products for treating your pet, then it is advisable to use these sparingly. Remember that the product has to be applied carefully. So, it would be better if you don’t use it on your bed sheets or towels. Also, some people find it helpful to dip a towel or a hair tie into the powder before putting it on their pets. Other home remedies for fleas on furniture comprise herbal flea shampoos with oils like eucalyptus, Rosemary, tea tree oil and lavender.

Put on flea repellent. Applying a good quality flea repellent to the entire home and especially your bed linens can be very beneficial. The repellent should be used in the following order, on the topmost layer of the bedding, in the carpets and in the curtains. Most importantly, however, the repellent should be applied regularly and in an extension of other home remedies for fleas. The repellent will help you to keep fleas away from the area where they have penetrated into the deepest part of the bedding and carpeting.

Vacuum the carpets. There is no need to throw out old rugs or to flatten floorboards. Instead, you can vacuum the carpets thoroughly to get rid of fleas, ticks and mites. Also, there are chemicals that can be sprayed onto the carpets which will kill fleas as well as their eggs and larvae. If you prefer to do things in an environmentally friendly manner, then you can make your own flea repellent by combining coconut oil and borax.

Put some garlic cloves in your garbage cans. Garlic is an excellent insecticide and an excellent remedy for getting rid of fleas. Wash the rugs and floors thoroughly with warm water. Once all the dirt has been removed, spray the house with the insecticide and wait for the solution to take effect.

There are other effective methods of home remedies for fleas on furniture. First, you can put moth balls inside your drawers and cupboards in order to repel pests from getting in. You can also use antifreeze, which can be bought from any store selling home supplies. You should remember to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of antifreeze correctly. While some people have had great success using this method, it can take a few days for the solution to take effect, and it might not be effective in all areas.

Another method used for home remedies for fleas on furniture is tea tree oil. It has antiseptic properties that can kill the fleas and their eggs within a day. You can apply the oil directly on the affected areas or you can put some into a spray bottle and spray the entire room. Remember that you should dilute the oil before applying it to the carpet or the surface of the furniture. If you do not have a spray bottle, you can simply pour the oil onto a cloth and apply it directly on the fleas. This will kill them instantly and will prevent them from coming back.

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