Five Little-Known Facts About Freesia

Freesias and their little, fragile blossoms are absolutely nothing except bewitching. We ‘d state they’re completely special in the flower world. Take their unique structure. Like all things, it begins at the root, which itself appears like the normal maturity of other typical flower. Unlike other flowers, this part of the freesia is underground. From that bloom-shaped root increases a vertical stalk that can rise to 2 feet high. Just like the gladiolus flower, it is dotted with appealing, sword-shaped leaves. Here’s where the magic truly begins to begin. As soon as the flowers themselves begin to flower, the stalk starts growing sideways at a 90-degree right angle, in exactly what appears to be an outright neglect of gravity. The now horizontal stalk, which houses numerous upwards dealing with flowers, remains parallel with the ground. Exactly what’s a lot more bewitching, is that freesias are zygomorphic in nature– a fancy-pants method of stating they just grow on one side of the stalk. When you integrate whatever that comprises a freesia, exactly what you have is a flower that sticks out more than Lady Gaga in a meat gown at the MTV Music Video Awards. I imply … exactly what other flower can boast such […]

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