Extreme Base Jump Kiss from Princess Tower Dubai

base jump kiss

Roberta Mancino “survived” a extreme base jump kiss.

Jumping down from a 11,000 feet tall Princess Tower in Dubai, pretty Roberta Mancino did a daring kiss with his partner while falling down like a rock.

Oh boy, what a daring stunt!

base jump kiss

Birds Eye View of Princess Tower










Mancino is an experience base jumper that seeks thrills and new adventures jumping down from cliffs and buildings from all over the world. This is the kind of stuffs she absolutely adore, judging from her ecstatic mood from these jumps.

This is the kind of stuffs that keeps you on the edge, living between ecstasy and death. Not for the faint heart.

With the camera mounted on her body, you can actually see the actual footage and feel the adrenaline pumping through your body as if you are jumping down yourself.

Absolutely mind blowing !

Check it out here.

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