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essiac tea

The history of essiac tea has proved mildly controversial as a potential cure for cancer. Since its inception in the 1920s, many studies have been conducted to see if the tea works at reducing cancer cells of cancer patient. No scientist has been able to prove that it does, although they also cannot conclusively prove that the tea does not work at all. Anecdotal evidence from patients suggests that the tea may have health benefits, but sceptics dismiss this as the placebo effect. Essiac Products Inc, who own the rights to the tea, state that they do not intend their product to replace traditional methods of fighting cancer, but that they do believe it has it’s powerful supplement benefits. It is believe to be especially beneficial to newly discovered cancer patient who had not went through any chemotherapy and that the cancer cells have not spread to other areas of the body. Notwithstanding, there were many stories of using essiac as alternative medicine, has shown that it was able to prolong life and more importantly, the quality of life, when the cancer ere faced with death with only a couple months to live.

Despite all the successful treatments, the FDA has not approved the use of essiac tea or essiac herbal supplement as an alternative for cancer treatment.

Before drinking essiac tea, patients should consult their doctor. The drink does not appear to affect regular therapies but no treatment should be started without notifying medical staff. The tea was invented by a Canadian nurse, Renee Caisse, who happened across an old woman who purported to have cured herself of cancer. The woman described a tea made from a mixture of herbs and roots given to her by a medicine man. Intrigued, Caisse devoted her time to perfecting the tea, naming it after herself. In a cute twist, essiac is ‘Caisse’ spelled backwards.

Rene Caisse

The exact mixture of the herbs and roots changes depending on the distributor, but all essiac tea recipe should include sheep’s sorrel, burdock root, turkey rhubarb root and slippery elm. Sheep’s sorrel is believed to have cancer-killing properties, but so far this effect has only been seen on mice. As with any natural supplements, its effectiveness varies depending on how fresh it is and how it has been processed and stored. It is important that the herbal supplement is of high quality rather than number of herbs the mixture contains. Some brands like Flor essence contains 8 herbs but still, its the freshness and quality that is more important if one has to have an effective treatment. To make the tea, the patient steeps the herbal tea mixture in boiling water, strains it and then drinks the resulting brown liquid.

Aside from its alleged cancer-fighting properties, essiac tea has been shown to be useful in boosting a patient’s immune system. It has a laxative side effect, making it good for colon cleanses. It might help the function of the pancreatic gland, and so be helpful to those with diabetes. The inventor of insulin, Dr. Frederick Banting, studied with Caisse to see what effect her tea might have on his patients. Unfortunately, once again the clinical trial results proved inconclusive. Essiac tea does contain strong antioxidants and so is beneficial for keeping a healthy body. Some patients report the successful dissolving of kidney stones after drinking essiac tea powder.It is also known to restore your health in liver, heart, bladder and stomach.

As with any alternative cancer treatment, the benefits vary wildly from patient to patient. The lack of scientific proof means care should be taken when drinking essiac tea, and everyone is in agreement that patients should not turn to this over more usual treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. However, the tea’s potential to rid the body of disease-causing toxins and detox it, mean that small quantities could be of benefit to those with low immunity. If you would like to try essiac tea, it is best to book a consultation with your doctor first.

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