Early breast cancer signs you need know

breast cancer

If you are a woman aged 50 and above, you have to pay attention to this. This is one of the most dreadful diseases that most woman will be most afraid about. It can happens to any woman regardless of health, or so it seems. The only sure way to protect yourself is have early breast cancer detection.

According to American Cancer Society Research, there are 39,620 female dead cases in 2013 due to breast cancer.
It’s frightenening and this number doesn’t seems to reduce.

Early Breast Cancer can increase the chances of survival drastically

Breast Cancer 2013 Data

Who are at Risk?

Particular so, for woman aged 50 and above, where most of the death cases are due to late detection.
Alot of woman, especially the older generation above 65, has the wrong impression that they are out of danger.
But is it due to lack of diligence of each individual to do the check up ?

Or due to health service system failing to provide an expedited check-up for woman who thinks that they have breast cancer ?

Most woman goes for a mammogram screening every year or every 2 years depending on her age.

However, depending on your scheduled mammogram checks ALONE is not enough. There are other ways to check and these methods doesn’t need sophisticated equipment. Only need your senses. In fact, these methods teaches you how to see possible early breast cancer symptoms by how you feel or see your body. However, these are just a precaution checking and should not be used as a definitive method.

It should be used in conjunction with your regular mammogram check ups. Always to be on the safe side.

Here is an article that tells you why you should not rely on mammogram alone, and tells you what are the possible symptoms. Spread the word to all your friends and let’s fight this battle together.

Source : Early warning signs of breast cancer no one talks about

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