Early Black Friday Bargains from Bass Pro Shops

Black Friday, historically one of (if not the) busiest shopping days of the year, is almost upon us, and over the next 48 hours, lines will begin forming at the front doors of retailers nationwide. Trying to get in on the action can be a maddening, stressful experience—but it doesn’t have to be.

To help ease your stress load, the good folks at Bass Pro Shops are making some of their best promotions available early. Today through Sunday, you can save some serious coin, and get the majority of your gifts purchase without leaving home. Here is a short list of some of their best bargains.

Save $130 and help someone begin processing their own wild game with the Ultimate Processing Package, which includes the <a href=””>Cabela’s #5 meat grinder</a>, <a href=””>Heavy-duty Vacuum Sealer</a>, <a href=””>Heavy Duty Slicer</a>, and <a href=””>Harvest 5-Tier Dehydrator</a>. (price: $200; reg: $330) (Bass Pro Shops/)Save 60% on <a href=””>RedHead Lined Shirt Jackets</a>. (price: $18; reg: $45) (Bass Pro Shops/)Save $80 on <a href=””>Cabela’s Prestige fly-fishing outfits</a>. (price: $100; reg: $180)Save $75 on <a href=””>Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Baitcast Reels</a>. (price: $125; reg: $200)Save $50 on <a href=””>Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Spinning Reels</a>. (price: $70; reg: $120)Save $180 on <a href=””>Garmin 64st Handheld GPS units</a>. (price: $170; reg: $350)Save 50% on <a href=””>Ascend Ladies’ Sweater Fleece Full-zip Jackets</a>. (price: $38; reg: $75)Save 25% on your choice of <a href=””>Under Armour Specialist Henleys</a>, <a href=””>Fleece Half-zip Jackets</a>, and <a href=””>Armour Fleece Hunt Hoodies</a>.Save $10 on <a href=””>Bass Pro Shops Folding Fillet tables</a>. (price: $80; reg: $90)Save $70 on <a href=””>Pelican Protector Wheeled Double Cases</a>. (price: $200; reg: $270)Save $300 on <a href=””>Cabela’s Classic E-lock 48-gun Safes</a>. (price: $1,300; reg: $1,600)Save <a href=””>40% on XPS Hardbait kits</a>. (price:$ 10; reg: $16)Save $230 on <a href=””>Leupold RX-1600i TBR Rangefinders</a>. (price: $250; reg: $480)Buy 1, get 1 free on <a href=””>Spypoint LINK-S Solar Cellular Trailcameras</a>. (Bass Pro Shops/)Save 40% on <a href=””>Toilet Paper blasters Skid Shot Spitball Guns</a>. (price: $15; reg: $25)Save 25% on <a href=””>Columbia Basin Trail Fleece Long Sleeve Pullovers</a>. (price: $38; reg: $50)

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