Drinking Water – Mineral Water Filter versus Alkaline Water Ionizer

Mineralized Water Filter

Which has the Safer Drinking Water ?

In the earlier test which was done on an onion using different types of water, the results showed that mineralized Filtered water has the fastest growth and the Ionized Alkaline water has the slowest growth. The mineralized filtered water is actually tap water going through a water purification process via a water filter system and infused with minerals. The ionized alkaline water is actually tap water passing through a home alkaline water machine with a water ionizer function. You can see the previous Onion Test here.

Mineralized water filter

The reason why Onion test was used instead of using laboratory test, is because, visually it is more exciting to see an Onion grow as compared to seeing so many numbers in a lab tests report. But now that the onion test was conducted, it got me curious. Why does Ionized Alkaline water not show any growth at all on an Onion. Why ?


It got me curious to see what is inside both these type of water, scientific wise, and there were tests result done; 19 tests on Chemical Analysis and 7 tests on Microbial. These results were done by a 3rd party certified lab and costs more than $10,000. The results, to say the least, its shocking! Shocking not because of the Mineralized Filtered water passing every single tests of the 19 Chemical tests and 7 Microbial test but on the alarming result of Ionized Alkaline water. Now, I need to put a disclaimer here that these results obtained, are from these tests only, and please do not assume that these test results are the same for all mineralized filtered water or all ionized alkaline water. You have to do your own due diligence. In this article, I just want highlight the potential dangers but ultimately, you still have to do make your own decision and judgement. Don’t take this article’s word for it. Test it out.

So with this out of the way, let me share the result of the Ionized Alkaline water.

From the Chemical Analysis and Microbial tests, the Ionized Alkaline water show high level of Cadmium, Antimony, Uranium, Arsenic and Selinium.

Let me list out each.


The Cadmium test result was 17 times higher than the WHO recommended standard (< 3 ppb) for drinking water.

Cadmium has a toxic effects on the kidney as well the skeletal and respiratory system. The WHO classifies Cadmium to be a human carcinogen. Consumption at a detectable levels cause the formation of kidney stones and weakens the skeletal system by softening the bones. This weakened bone symptom is also commonly known as osteoporosis.


The Antimony test result was 2 times higher than WHO recommended standard (<20 ppb) for drinking water.

Long-term exposure to antimony can lead to pneumoconiosis, gastrointestinal problems, as well as violent vomiting and stomach ulcers.


The Uranium test result was 2 times higher than the WHO recommended standard (<30 ppb) for drinking water.

Uranium are radioactive and is definitely not healthy to the body, especially if it is excessively high.


The Arsenic test result was 8 times higher than the WHO recommended standard (<10 ppb) for drinking water. Arsenic is a toxic element, if drink over a long term of 5 to 20 years will cause harmful effects to health. This is called arsenic poisoning.It can cause skin problems like skin cancers, bladder cancer, kidney and lung cancer, blood vessel diseases of the legs and feet, and maybe even diabetes, high blood pressure and reproductive disorders. You can read the reference by WHO below of this article.


By far, this is the most shocking! The Selenium test result was 222 times more than WHO standard recommended (<40 ppb) for drinking water!

Couldn’t believe this result and had to test several times to confirm it. Tested 6 times and the result were about the same, and because of the excessive amount of contamination, the lab equipment was heavily contaminated and has to be shut down for a comprehensive cleaning process!

Selenium at low level, meaning below WHO standard of <40 ppb, is essential nutrient for health. If excessive level is consumed over the short term, you may see changes occurring to your hair and fingernails and you will feel fatigue and can get irritated easily. However, if you drink excessive amount of Selenium over the long term,  you may have hair loss, finger nail loss and damage to your kidneys, livers, nervous and circulatory systems.

All in all, with all the above contaminants in your body, they may produce biotoxic compounds, which may mutilate their structures and result in compromising bodily biochemical activities necessary for survival.

Though all these metal poisoning can be medically treated, the optimal solution is to prevent any metal contamination in your water system. All the contaminants mentioned above can be filtered away with the appropriate filtering system and enhance with the appropriate minerals that is beneficial for your health.

Based on this water analysis , it revealed the detection of contaminants in an ionized alkaline water which may pose a serious public health concern and must be addressed appropriately.

And again, I will put a disclaimer again not to take this article’s word for it. There may be other ionized alkaline water system that is good and well within the WHO’s standard. I am just sharing the result that I found.  No matter what water system you buy, you have to do the water tests yourself. This is the only sure way to determine that its safe for you and your family. Of course the test isn’t cheap. One idea I can suggest is to pool some friends that you know that uses the same water system and do a limited tests like Toxic test, and share the cost.

Do your tests yourself. This will give you a peace of mind.

If you need more information relating to the test results, please subscribe below.



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Others :

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