Donald Trump Hits Back At Questions About His Mental Health With Bizarre Claim That He Is A ‘Stable Genius’

This… is a new one.

Donald Trump — currently serving as President of this freakin’ United States of America — went to a very long Twitter rant this morning trying to discuss questions about whether he is emotionally unstable, and in doing so, made himself look significantly more unstable.

Video: Wolff Stands By ‘Absolutely Everything’ Following Trump Says Book Is ‘Total Of Lies’

Everything started using the new book that came out yesterday, Michael Wolff‘s Fire And Fury, that gives a profound look into the Trump White House and paints a picture of The Donald as a man who does not grasp cause and impact and acts as a child wanting to be told things a few times and in particular, slower manners.

Trump, not surprisingly, lashed out hard at the book over the past couple of days — but it was only when he chose to Twitter this morning that we really must see just how out of control this man is right today.

His tweets (below):


The President of the United States really wrote that three-part message on Twitter.

2018: as mad as 2017!!!

He continued with Different tweets immediately and this morning, too (below):

Why does he say stuff like “dumped like a dog”??

Who’d dump a dog?!?!

But back to the “stable genius” stuff… we understand Trump’s not a genius, and it is becoming more apparent each and every day he is not secure, either.

We’ve been yelling it from the rooftops for weeks now, but this man does not have what it take to direct the country. Your move, GOP.

[Picture via Kento Nara/Future Picture/WENN.]

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