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Donald Trump continues attacks on NFLbut his biggest league ally just stood up to him

About 36 hours following the U.S. president referred to former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick as a “son of a bitch”  for kneeling throughout the national anthem, Donald Trump about Sunday morning continued his attacks on the league and the players who protest.

For the third straight day, Trump blasted the NFL and its own employees.

Those tweets continued the subject of his thoughts from Saturday.

It’s accurate: rsquo & The NFL;s TV ratings. Since ESPN’s Darren Rovell notes, ratings were about 8 percent reduced last year. But the leaguewide presence allegedly was the highest in nine years and the third-highest in NFL history and increased in 2016.

Even though there is proof Kaepernick’s silent protests impacted some folks’s choice whether to watch football, it’s surely not the only motive. The overall trend of cord-cutting along with the fact that the presidential election took up so much airtime might have played a role.

Either way, Trump’s tweets made on Sunday and Saturday, as players, NFL teams, along with the players’ union denounced his words.

Although Trump has plenty of allies among NFL owners, at least a dozen teams issued statements in support of the own players, such as New England’s Robert Kraft, a longtime friend of Trump  who donated $1 million  into the inauguration this past year.

Now the question remains will NFL players respond when national anthems are played afternoon?

Update 8:43am CT:  With the Ravens and Jaguars kicking off Week 3 in London on Sunday afternoon, we’ve already seen how two NFL teams have reacted to Trump’s criticism. Both teams locked arms throughout the national anthem, and several Baltimore players took a knee.

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