Domino’s is launching a baby registry for parents who care way too much about pizza

It’s a huge cheesy pizza dish!  

Domino’s is launch their very own infant registry. They partnered with Gugu Guru, a registry consulting company, to supply a platform for parents to create a wishlist.  

The website complies with the wedding registry they created earlier in the year which essentially means they need pizza to rule on your lifetime. What real estate? Health insurance?  

Instead of of the baby items such as diapers, bottles and a stroller, the pizza chain is supplying food packages furious parents, ideal for new parents , or even someone that’s not a parent and needs a good deal.

The packs are designed for specific events like the Gender Show, Dachelor Party and Hormonal and Hangry pizza packs to list a few. You have a problem? Well, Domino’s will resolve it.

The Hormonal and Hangry – The struggle is real bundle is ideal for the pregnant mother in your life…or a Friday night.

Image: dominosbabyregistry

Apart from the pizza, the restaurant chain can also be selling merchandise for the entire family. Nothing like welcoming your new baby home.

Daddy Loves Me Over Pizza onesie if you want to upset your in laws more.

Image: dominosbabyregistry

The outfit and pizza combination can not be whole without decorations for the new variant. According to the website, they’re selling a ‘Fabulous Diaper Pizza‘ for baby showers (because what’s a shower with no one?) . 

The ‘components’ include goods, clothes and pampers for your baby so you’re not wasting your.  

If you can not contain your enthusiasm (and forgot all about the infant), you can start registering on Nov. 29.  

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