‘DIY Costume Squad,’ our new Facebook Watch show, helps you craft the perfect cosplay outfit

It is Halloween, and while the majority of the celebrations have come and gone, you may still need to whip up a costume for any or trick-or-treat activity happening in your area, right? And of course forthcoming midnight screenings of, say, Thor: Ragnarok or Justice League.

That is where DIY Costume Squad can give you a hand. Whether you’re feeling like a superhero or a Ghostbuster, this new show from Mashable can assist you to put together that costume.

Sure, it requires a bit of craftiness, but there’s still lots of daylight left to make a run for materials and get to gluing and painting.  

Directed by Dustin McLean and featuring cosplay experts that are notable, the DIY series focuses on complex yet cheap costumes of video game characters, TV, and film.

You can catch up with all of the terrific ideas — and save some for your next costume party — on Facebook Watch.

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