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Devastated teens lose their snap streaks after Snapchat goes down

Image: vicky leta/ mashable

Afterwards Snapchat ceased working for customers, horrified Snapchatters have awoken to a set of circumstances.  

Users were unable to use the program on Monday, which prevented them from sending so as to maintain their stripes that are snap snaps. Much to the consternation of all snappers, many found when the program next 20, that their streaks had disappeared.  

Maurice Cohen says when Snapchat went down, he lost four stripes. His stripes were 40 times long, 90, 76 and 150.  

“I’m very mad,” says Cohen. “This is something that shouldn’t happen and needs to be resolved within minutes.” He says it took “hours to fix” and he only had two of his own stripes restored. “Thank god I didn’t lose my big stripes for example 500 days,” he says.  

Afterwards Snapchat went down, 18-year-old Natasha, from Manchester, UK, lost her 110 day-strong snap streak with her boyfriend. “I am not like devastated about it, I am a bit upset because it’s with my boyfriend,” says Natasha.  

“It didn’t show a timer either through the entire 24 hours in which you’re supposed to send a snap,” she says. Normally a little egg timer emoji as soon as your streak is dying is shown by Snapchat. She’s been in an effort to get her streaks back. “I am hoping to get them back, it has started a new streak, but I want my old ones back,” she adds.  

Twitter is ablaze with profoundly mad Snapchatters waxing lyrical and wondering if they’ll ever get them back.  

Snapchatters currently mourning the loss of their streaks should not despair just yet, however. If you go to Snapchat’s support site, you can re-apply for your missing streak. Contact Snapchat, if your streak has not return within 24 hours.  


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