David Copperfield: Donald Trump Might Make a Good Magician with His Stumpy Little Hands

The $ 800 million magician takes Jen Yamato on a tour of his Vegas lair, regaling her with narratives of hoaxing robbers and doing … the unspeakable. “>

In the 5 decades that David Copperfield has been practicing sorcery, theres one trick he admits he maybe shouldnt have pulled. It was ten years ago in West Palm Beach, Florida, when “the worlds” most famous illusionist performed some close-up magic on four unwitting armed robbers challenging his billfold and passport.

When you have a gun pointed at your appearance, its interesting, Copperfield tells me as we sit inside his far-famed Las Vegas headquarters, merely off the Strip and down the road from his nightly residency at the MGM Grand. Instinct and idiocy, and instinct and idiocy. They got caught an hour subsequently. But thats true. Three girl children and meand four people each with guns.

I proved my pockets empty and they werent evacuate, he clarifies modestly, and solemnly, with no draw of the boisterous bravado he jobs onstage, or the melodramatic flair the world ensure when he lived Niagara Falls and built landmarks disappear on live television. But it was stupid! Because if they said, Let me check

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