David Beckham had the weirdest looking plate of food for his birthday dinner

One of the perks of having a birthday is getting to have whatever you want for dinner.

For David Beckham, this signifies either chosen by the weirdest combining of foods to chow down on to celebrate his big period, or letting “their childrens” run rampant in the kitchen.

Beckham, football legend and cool papa, grew 42( that can’t is accurate) May 2, and documented his birthday snack on his Instagram. Although the foods might be some of his favourites, we’re be very difficult influencing what’s what.

So let’s see here – according to Business Insider , Beckham has his dish full of gammon, a deep-fried egg, coleslaw, mushy peas, baked beans, and potato wedges, and are those … pineapple rings? We wouldn’t pick this combo for the super fit and healthy football sun, and maybe neither would he. It kind of looks like these are all the foods his young children could get their hands on.

We’d probably chose dinner at a fancy restaurant, or a giant juicy burger. But if mushy peas and pineapple rings are your thing, happy birthday to you.

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