David Attenborough Slams Bear Grylls

David Attenborough has slammed professional adventurer, survivalist, and Chief Scout Bear Grylls for showing the brutal killing of a crocodile on his TV show   Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls.  

In 2016, British reality TV celebrity  Ollie Locke was shown leaping on the back of the creature and stabbing it through the neck. The series was a charity special edition of Bear’s survival program, where individuals are taught survival skills and left a island to fend for themselves.

Ollie, then 28, jumped on the back of this Caiman crocodile and pushed the knife through its neck, was taught how to kill the animal in a humane way. Locke, famous for TV series Made In Chelsea, stated soon afterward: “I think that’s certainly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my entire life,” and broke down when speaking about the episode to his mommy.

At the time, numerous lovers and animal rights groups were not pleased with the section, shown on Channel 4 in the united kingdom.

The 2017 charity episode also featured Olympic sprinter Iwan Thomas and actor Ryan Thomas also murdering a crocodile with a knife.

Now Sir David Attenborough has waded in, condemning the showing of the segments. The much-loved documentary maker, in his usual measured words, has stated he would never do what Bear had done for his TV show.

“We have never killed an animal,” the Blue Planet and Planet Earth presenter told the Sun, such as an unhappy school instructor. “Bear Grylls might need to answer for himself. But I wouldn’t willingly kill an animal just to get a shot. ”

Oof. That’s   the British equivalent of Pwning.  

Bear, that isn’t an actual bear, has come under criticisms for earlier episodes of the same TV show. In a 2015 episode, four contestants were shown slipping up on a pig before slitting its throat. The series received over 450 complaints from viewers. Apparently undeterred, the series still broadcast the crocodile-killing segments.

Channel 4 defended the killing, telling Digital Spy, “those on the island received training on the best way best to kill animals humanely and this was utilised correctly in each case.”

In better news, the 91-year-old also announced he was working on a huge new conservation series for Netflix.

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