Crown Chakra Stones – 13 Crystals that Heal Energy Blockages

Crown Chakra Stones – 13 Crystals that Heal Energy Blockages

Howlite, Amethyst, Selenite, Clear Quartz, , Lepidolite, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Sugilite, White Agate, Fluorite, Moonstone, Charoite, and White Calcite are the crown chakra stones. Find out how these 13 Crown Chakra stones will help Heal Energy Blockages.

What is the crown chakra?

The crown chakra, or the crown of connection and spirituality, is the Sahasrara. It is the seventh center of energy and home to higher consciousness, unity, purpose, and higher consciousness. The crown chakra is our greatest adventure, thanks to its brilliant violet and white color, its cosmic energy and boundary-breaking vibes.

The crown chakra stones acts as a bridge between the world beneath our feet and the mysteries of the stars. It is the place where we can connect with everything beyond our physical understanding. If our crown chakra is open, all of the light and energy in our bodies can connect with the universe. This will allow us to truly reach our highest level of learning. An open crown can help you find your spiritual balance. They radiate peace and light. They have a solid foundation and trust instead of being led by fear. They are open to all the great lessons of the universe, and are surrounded with abundance. A crown chakra cosmic connection can bring joy to every cell of the body, and give you a deep sense of belonging and purpose.

If you have a blockage in your crown chakra or an imbalance, you might feel the weight of cynicism upon your shoulders. It is possible to dismiss spirituality, or be overwhelmed by the opportunities that offer you to explore deeper. It is possible to feel trapped in a cycle of unhappiness and malaise that leads to loneliness, unhappiness, depression, and a lack of direction. It is possible to not know your purpose or feel trapped in a victim mentality. Even those who have gone the opposite direction and have an overloaded crown chakra, this can cause a loss in balance and grounding. It is possible to feel disconnected and distant from people. When it comes to the Sahasrara, balance is everything.

The Most Powerful Chakras – Healing Crystals

Crystals can be soaked in spiritual energies and are an excellent companion for anyone who wants to open their crown chakra. Crystals are filled with cosmic energy. Some crystals are heavier towards the ways and practices of this world, while others have higher levels of consciousness. These gems are blessed with the colors violet and white, and are full of ethereal qualities. These crystals can help you access your highest chakra.

1) Amethyst

Amethyst crystal healing

The tranquil queen of all stones, the Amethyst is the crown chakra gem. Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone that is rich in spiritual vibrations. It can wash away stress and anxiety, and prepares you to receive the light of the universe. It activates the third eye chakra, allowing you to tap into your infinite wisdom and deeper understanding in order to receive all the messages that you desire. Amethyst will help you to meditate deeper, raise your vibration, and transform any negative energy into love and connected consciousness. Learn more about Amethyst.

2) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz stones sparkle in ice-clear clarity and are a master healer on many levels. Clear Quartz is a clear-headed gem that works on all chakras. It removes blockages and makes sure energy flows with the force of fine spring melt. Clear Quartz invites you to connect with your higher self, and prepares you for an open mind and open heart. Clear Quartz opens the crown to allow light to flow through. It awakens hidden desires and dreams, and fills every inch of your spiritual and physical self with purpose and power. Learn more about Clear Quartz.

3) Selenite

Selenite crystals

Sweet Selenite is one the purest crown chakra gemstones. This gem can heal all types of ailments, whether it is peachy or white in its raw form. Selenite is rich in truth, integrity, positive power, and other elements. It allows you to step into the light, and live a purpose-driven life that is insightful and enables you to think higher. Selenite transcends the present and peripheral visions. It can help you tune in to higher frequencies, connect you with spirit guides, and grant access to the angel realm. Learn more about Selenite.

4) Lepidolite

Lepidolite Stone

The Lepidolite stone is a beautiful combination of shades of pink and purple. This gem, a crown chakra winner is great at reducing anxiety and bringing peace to your life. Lepidolite, a stone that promotes harmony and wonder, is designed to make you feel whole and filled with wonder. This means you can balance everything from your physical well-being to your mental clarity to your cosmic connection. Lepidolite is a stone that helps you open your crown. It helps to clear out fear and allows you to find happiness rather than chasing it. Learn more about Lepidolite.

5) Howlite

Howlite Gemstone

The Howlite stone’s cream-colored surface and splayed grey roads will always encourage you to follow your true path. The Howlite stone is more than a dreamer’s gem. It also serves as a bridge between your crown chakra and your heart chakra. Clear and connected chakras allow for wisdom, trust, infinite love, and understanding to shine. Howlite is your guide for those who feel lost in the world. Learn more about Howlite.

6) Labradorite


Labradorite is one of the most mysterious stones for makeup and mood. There’s a reason Labradorite echos with the flashing colors from the aurora borealis. This gem can activate all of your higher chakras. It opens your throat to allow you to hear, taps into the third-eye chakra so you can see, and chases the clouds from crown chakra so you can connect with the highest part of yourself. Labradorite stimulates the imagination and helps you tap into the magic of mystique. It protects the aura and allows you to let go of fear. Learn more about Labradorite’s meaning.

7) Sugilite


Sugilite’s high-quality purple hues help you connect to your heart and head. It also makes it easier to open the crown chakra. Sugilite’s ability to help you forgive and move forward is one of its best qualities. If we become stuck in the past, it can cause us to lose our crown chakra space and make us stagnant. Sugilite is often called the healer’s gemstone. This speaks volumes about its spiritual vibes, which promise to keep you strong and filled with courage no matter what. Sugilite is a great example of how spirituality can be a powerful tool for healing the heart.

8) White Agate

White Agate

Deepen your breath. White Agate is a beautiful stone that supports the crown chakra. It is all about balance, release and harmony. This snow-white stone is a symbol of harmony. It helps to eliminate toxins and bring your masculine and feminine energies into sync. White Agate can help you get rid of depression and anxiety. It can also connect you to the higher realms, angels, and spirit guides. This gem is for those who desire all the Agate’s powers with spiritual charm. Learn more about Agate.

9) Fluorite


When it comes to accepting all of the fluorite’s magic, clarity and focus are key. This crown chakra gem is great at clearing away clutter and moving you from darkness and confusion into the light. This gem is a great one to keep in your pocket for deeper meditation. It also opens up doors previously closed to you. To really ignite your crown chakra vibrations, choose a deeper purple shade. Learn more about Fluorite.

10) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, another stone that is infused with regal mysticism, is also available. This beautiful, deep blue stone is filled with gold and ribbons made of white. It’s a great choice for the crown chakra. Lapis can also be used to open communication with all higher chakras. Clearing the throat chakra encourages open communication and facilitates communication. It encourages wisdom and emotional intelligence by connecting with third eye chakra. It also illuminates the mind, allowing you to tap into your spiritual power by enabling you to awaken the potential of your crown chakra. Learn more about Lapis Lazuli.

11) Moonstone


The heart chakra, third eye chakra and the luminous crown chakra are all home to feminine energy. The Moonstone, like the orb that gives light to dark nights, is a gem that heals easily and doesn’t overwhelm when it comes spiritual growth. It reminds us that our spirituality is part of the universe. This strong feminine yin energy doesn’t need to be chased, pushed, or molded into any particular way. Acceptance, acceptance of change and learning to let go is how we can open ourselves up for the abundance and heavenly gifts of God. Learn more about Moonstone.

12) Charoite


Charoite, also known as the soulstone, is a powerful stone when it comes chakra cleansing. This stone will not only open your heart chakra with its love, but also enhance your inner wisdom and intuition by working with the third eye chakra. It will also help to illuminate higher thought through opening the crown chakra. Charoite will put you in a positive, healthy-minded space that is just what you need to make the most of your crown chakra.

13) White Calcite

White Calcite

The White Calcite Stone is a pale, perfect pop that will help you let go of self-limiting beliefs. The White Calcite Stone works across the sacral, solar plexus, third eye, and crown chakras. It brings high vibrational energy into the body, mind and soul. Learn more about Calcite.

What are the best ways to use these Crown Chakra Stones

These crown chakra stones will lift your spirits, giving you access to the angel realms and bringing harmony and peace to your heart and mind. These crown chakra stones can be used to access higher levels of spiritual happiness for those who desire a rich dose of spiritual sunshine.

  • During visualization, hold the crown chakra gems in your hand
  • To awaken a spiritual connection, place the gems under your pillow while you sleep.
  • These gems can be used to create an altar for meditation or mindful healing.
  • Use the crown chakra gemstones to massage your scalp
  • To carry the vibrations of the crown chakra, wear gemstone jewelry made from crown chakra gems
  • Create a grid of crown chakras around you

What other uses are there?

These techniques can be used to enhance your crystal therapy and attract more light and abundance. These are some ideas for crown chakra cleansing.

  • Yoga poses that open your crown (lotus pose or tree pose, headstand, etc.) are great to practice.
  • For a time, just sit quietly.
  • Imagine a white light surrounding you crown as you meditate
  • Essential oils such as Rose, Lavender and Myrrh can be used to make essential oils.
  • Chant regularly
  • Speak affirmations about spirituality and consciousness
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Take a walk in the woods or in the sun.


The path to spiritual bliss awaits those who are bold enough believe they can open their crown chakra. You will be able to understand yourself better by expanding your knowledge, transcending limitations, living in the light, and understanding life more fully. These 13 crown chakra stones will help you heal energy blockages.

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