Couple Saw This DIY Bookshelf Design Online, But They Had No Idea It Would Turn Out So Good

We all lived through a Pinterest stage sooner or later. No wonder — the webpage can easily get you hooked with all sorts of inspirational images, from style to fashion and photography.

Sometimes those images can’t even be just trapped and forgotten, they need to be manufactured in actual life. This was the situation when Jessica and Sinclair Breen discovered an image of a bookshelf online.
“Once I revealed [the image] Sinclair he almost had a heart attack,” Jessica told The Daily Mail. “We knew we needed to try it. ” This’s when the ball began rolling.

Jessica measured the wall space, took the inspirational image with her and went into the graphic arts teacher that worked in precisely the same school as her. With his help they soon knew what dimensions panels to order and after spending $900 they had everything that they had to begin construction.

Jessica and Sinclair Breen were surfing the net if they came across an image of a bookshelf they needed to make themselves

The job seemed fitting for the qualifying effort for reality TV show The Block, so the couple began planning how to reestablish their fantasy bookshelf

After designing and measuring the look, they arranged custom-made panels that cost them about $900

Then they left the boxes and arranged them on a bogus MDF wall

After that they fixed the MDF onto the wall and attached the boxes

The couple spent 16 hours creating this bookshelf masterpiece

“It was a huge process but it was worth it,” stated Jessica


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