5 Celebrities Awesome Cabin In The Woods

Muhammad Ali cabin in the wood

Let’s admit it – everyone of us would love to own cabin in the woods.

Building a log cabin needs lots of time and effort if you’re the hands on type. There are many readily available log cabin kits where you can purchase off the shelves and start building your own. Or if you fancy building one from scratch based on your own design and taste, you need lots of time and money. Either case, living in the woods, especially in a log cabin, will truly worth your while. It’s like a sanctuary, silence from the civilized world where you experience true existence.

That’s why many busy professionals take ‘refuge’ occasionally to recharge their life.

And celebrities are no exception.

If you have the resources, which one would you build or buy ?

5. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren cabin

The famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren occupies the unusual and fascinating cottages in the foot of the snow-covered mountains of San Juan. It is owned mutually be the designer Ralph Lauren and his wife, Ricky. According to the couple, this place in Colorado is a place where they can enjoy and get an escape from the hectic routine of daily life. According to Lauren, this is not about the luxury and style of this house, but above all the most important thing which attracts him to this place is the peace of mind and the sense of relaxation which he gets by coming here.

This house is built in the style of a ranch, and it’s a magnificent place. Here the life is much relaxing and freer. The house is surrounded by trees, animals, and birds. There is a main lodge in the house along with the three guest tepees and outbuildings. The living part of the house consists of the four-bedroom structure, and there are some breathtaking and artistic pieces of art selected from Lauren’s gallery. The impressive furniture pieces like the suede sofa and club chair have been selected by Lauren himself.

4. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali cabin in the wood

muhammad ali boxing camp

Floyd Patterson works out on a punching bag as Muhammad Ali peeks in the open window of his training camp in Deer Lake, Pa., Sept. 7, 1972. Ali invited Patterson to help him formally dedicate his new training camp and work out for a day. The two heavyweights will face each other in a 12-round bout in New York on Sept. 20. (AP Photo/Paul Vathis)

The legendary and one of the best boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali, owned one of the biggest log homes on the planet. It was called a training camp but had lots more than your typical training camp. If you are wondering, the training camp is still intact and in use at the moment. Located in Deer Lake in Pennsylvania, the camp is surrounded by a ranch all around it. The main house was for Muhammad Ali himself. Another log cabin was built for his wife and their children. Still, 18 more cabins were built for the people who would be training from here. The property is worth tens of millions of dollars and has never been put up for sale by the Ali’s family. It has been the home of many boxing and athletic greats

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3. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise's cabin in the forest

tom cruise cottage house in the woods

Tom Cruise, born on 3 July 1962, is one of the best and well-known American actors.  From his acting career, Tom Cruise earned an enormous wealth and bought many houses. However, one of Tom Cruise’s most exciting real estates is his stone and cedar cabin home in Telluride, Colorado. He owned it with Katie Holmes. Although this home cannot be classified as the cabin in the woods, but rather as a cottage home, it still looks like a cozy cabin in the woods.

The cabin home of Tom Cruise in the mountains of Colorado has four bedrooms, a gym, a library, a recreation room. Tom’s cabin home in the wooded mountains of Colorado also has a guesthouse log cabin of 148 square meters. Cruise’s cabin home also has tennis, basketball, and ice hockey court as a part of the cabin home property. Although this log cabin home was one of the most favorite properties of Tom Cruise to him, he had put this cabin home for sale for the price of just $59 million.

When he put it up for sale, there was a lot of news about it as it was one of the most coveted homes on the planet. When news went out that it was for sale, the famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey paid the home a visit and interviewed him in the house. It was an exclusive tour of the house, and if you watched the show, you know what a home it is. The whole property is almost 300 acres large and very few people knew that the home even existed. Besides the tour and interview by Oprah, very few pictures of the interior existed.

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2. Bill Gates

bill gates cabin in the woods

We all grow up wanting to be like Bill Gates (unless you are older than himcourse). He has so much that we want and among the things we can look up to include his properties one of which is the 15,000 square feet log cabin worth $9 million in Wyoming. Located on a 492-acre ranch named Buffalo Bill, the house may be called simple but only according to the standards of the rich. It is among one of the most private buildings on the planet as it is located at the end of private road 7 miles long. Even when pictures of the house were taken and uploaded on the internet, they were quickly taken down by search engine administrators.

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1. Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg's lakeview cabin in the woods

Stephen Spielberg is one of the most famous American film directors, producers, and screenwriters. He is most famous for his movies such as Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kid, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Schindler’s List, and many more movies awarded with many awards. Throughout his film writing career, Steven Spielberg earned a lot of money, which Steven had spent on buying real estate around the world. Steven stated that he tends to buy real estate that is secluded from the public, where he can be at the state of the mind peace. No wonder then Steven Spielberg bought something that resembles the cabin in the woods, which it actually isn’t.

Steven Spielberg bought something that can be treated as an extra large cabin in the woods in the Muskoka region of Canada. The Muskoka region of Canada is an area that is filled with the log cabin homes of the A-list celebrities. Steven himself bought a log cabin home in this Canadian region. Supposedly, his log cabin home sports three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an indoor and an outdoor pool, a basketball court, a library, and many other amenities. Steven’s log home in the Muskoka region is deeply hidden in the woods, so Steven could enjoy privacy and be hidden from the public.

He had stated that he enjoys spending summers at his cabin home in the woods, where he can be most productive and where he gets ideas for writing new movie scripts. Allegedly, Steven Spielberg bought this home with the help of a friend from service Cabins USA, through which you can either rent or buy a cabin the woods. The clear example of the quality of this service is that it has famous customers, such as Steven Spielberg. Steven also owns a lakeview cabin somewhere in the USA.

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