Building an Outdoor Kitchen

If you are planning to construct an outdoor kitchen then the first thing you will need to do is find a contractor who can build your new kitchen for you. It may be difficult to find an experienced builder, especially if you live in a large city, but it is worth the effort. You want your kitchen to look good, function effectively, and enhance the exterior of your home. If you hire a qualified professional, this can be done.

Hire a landscaping or masonry contractor who has experience constructing outdoor kitchens on a large scale. While every outdoor kitchen is different, the building process is fairly standard regardless of whether it is constructed from brick or concrete or a simple framework kit. The size of your yard will be a deciding factor in the design as well as the materials to be used. Your contractor will know what your options are and will recommend the best course of action. Here are some things to consider when selecting the right contractor:

– Size – Because so many people have built outdoor kitchens in yards with small or medium-sized backyards, most companies will offer a custom design for your project. Brick and concrete block outdoor kitchens can be constructed relatively quickly and are often easier to work with. Concrete is also stronger than brick, which makes it a popular choice. Your builder should be able to help you choose a size based on available space, ease of construction, and your personal preferences.

– Skills – A concrete block outdoor kitchen may require more work than a brick one, but your builder should have the necessary skills for the job. Experience is important here as well. If you have never worked with concrete before, it is advisable to ask for references and/or a portfolio of past jobs before you hire. This is an opportunity to get to know the contractor better and to see if their work matches what you are envisioning for your kitchen. Nothing disrupts a kitchen like a collapse of masonry skills.

– Tools and Equipment – Working with cement backer board is a fairly simple process, but there are several tools you need on your list. The first is a large cement sheet. This is the basis for the backing for the bricks and other materials you will use. You also need a truck, four hands (to pick up and move materials), a hammer, measuring tape, a level, a carpenter’s crayon, and a hand saw. Most contractors offer all these items as part of a standard rental package.

– Other customization options – Many companies will also customize your outdoor kitchen to fit your style. From brick pavers to a customized stainless steel frame, you can put your personal stamp on your kitchen. Consider what colors and other patterns will look best with your stainless steel or brick pavers.

– Colors and stains – If your space is concrete, you have a few more color options. Concrete has a variety of colors available, from beige to chocolate brown. Concrete brick pavers are available in a variety of colors as well. If your patio is wood, there are several stains and paints that will also work. For an outdoor kitchen construction, consider using a durable natural stain or paint.

– Finishing details – Outdoor kitchens can also have different finishing touches to make them personalized. An outdoor kitchen with a stainless steel frame has the advantage of being durable and non-corrosive. The stainless steel finish also offers a non-stick surface, which makes cleaning easier than with outdoor concrete or brick surfaces. If your stainless steel frame is prone to rust and corrosion, you may want to consider painting it. There are many options available in the paint industry for durability as well as a non-rust finish.

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