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Bug out Bag- An Essential For Disaster Management

bug out bag

Bug out bag is an essential kit for disaster management. It is a must-have essential, in keeping you and your family sustainable in a survival situation. It seems like a very tough job but it’s worth the time to look into your needs and plan out your perfect Bug out bag.

Types of Bug out Bag

At first, to start your journey for a disaster management, you need a comfortable bag, which may suit your style and necessity. There are many types of bags available in the market to carry all the basic needs perfectly.




It is a quite big bag to carry all your needs. These types of bags are coming with various sizes. You can pack everything in this pack from school book to your luggage. You can put many survival supplies here. These types of bags are very much comfortable to use.

Hiking Bag

This is large in volume backpack. You can carry much more survival gear; even if you are with your family.

Duffel Bag

duffel bag

duffel bag

These types of bags are larger than a normal backpack in volume.  But the drawback of these types of bags is, it is not very easy to use.

It doesn’t matter that what type of bag you are carrying, it is important that if the bag has fulfilled your criteria. Before choosing your bag for Bug out bag purpose, keep in mind such things.

Fit and Comfortable

When you are choosing the bag for your purpose, check that it never sloths your movement by an uncomfortable feeling. Choose the bag with these criteria:

Hip Padding and Hip Straps

When you are in a long journey for disaster management and have to carry a heavy load, you need the bag with hip padding and hip straps. It will give you full support to carry your bag properly and can minimize the pressure from your shoulder and your back. The strap can snug it tightly with your hips and give you a balance to carry a heavy load.

Straps Widths

strap width

Before choosing your bag, check that it has wide and padded straps to comfort your shoulder and hips from carrying heavy luggage. Practically you need to carry almost every necessary thing for survival issue when you are on a journey.

Sternum Clip

Check that it has sternum clip to secure the straps of your shoulder.

Adjustable Clips and Straps

Adjustable straps and clips are very much necessary to adjust the bag to your height and width. It can make you comfortable to speed up your journey with a heavy load bag.


If you have a hard product in your bag, it can hurt you. So choose the bag which is made of high-quality plastic and softer cover. The plastic body will save your bag from getting wet. Check that, if it comes with a rain cover.

Check the Volume

At first check that, how many people you have with you and how much space is there in your bug out backpack. Choose the bag according to your necessity.

After choosing the perfect bag, you need to make a checklist of the carrying products, to fighting with emergency situation.


You can survive without food for some days in an emergency situation, but you cannot survive without water. Life is the other name of water. So you need at least three litter of water to carrying with you. For the fast use, you can carry the collapsible bottles of the water or can carry a small water purifier system. If you have water bucket in your backpack, carrying water will be easier for you. Carry some hot water in the flask for making your ready meals.


You need food for at least three days, and energy drinks to give you more energy to fight with the emergency situation. Meals for your bug out bag should be very dried and frizzed foods. You just need to add these foods in boiled water for making a tastier meal. These types of foods are very much light in weight and last for a long duration of time. To make your bug out of the bag more precious, add electric cattle in it. It is small in size and very convenient to make foods simply.


When you are in a disastrous situation, you need to be very ready for every situation.  So you have to carry the clothing which may suit with the tough situation. Like:

  • Two long jeans or cord pants
  • Sturdy boots one pair
  • Minimum two pair synthetic socks
  • Long sleeve t-shirts
  • A raincoat or windcheater
  • Long and warm some pair underwear
  • A hat and bandana.

Shelter Kits

If you go for a survival situation, you need a proper protection from rain, warm and cold and also a dry sleeping space. So you need various kinds of traps or tents and a high-quality sleeping bag and a dry and safe place to take shelter.

First Aid Box

This is the most important part of your bag. For a survival manager, medical help is the basic necessary thing. Carry some important medicines, ointment, bandages, etc. Make your first aid kit ready with the help of a doctor.

Basic Gear

These types of gears can help you fight with the difficult situation. List of these kinds of products are:

For Cooking:

Carry with you some small or big pot or cup for water boiling.  You can also carry a small size of the stove and the fuel for it.

For Fire:

Take minimum five-match boxes and two lighter for fire.


At least two torches and carry some batteries for it or you can carry a rechargeable flashlight too.

Rain Gear:

Raincoat and Poncho are very efficient to make you dry and save you from rain.

Knife and Shears:

It is also an essential thing for cutting the rope and wood for tent set up.

You can also carry some weapons with you to save yourself from disaster. Bug out of Bag is an essential part of your survival journey. So make it proper and simple for a convenient journey.

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