Bros open ‘no girls allowed’ co-working space and the internet reacts appropriately

Australian comedians have come for a men’s only co-working space matches gym.
Picture: bondi hipsters/facebook

Co-working spaces are kind of like modern-day communes for the entrepreneurial generation where all freelancers are welcome. Except women girls have cooties.

That seems to be the sentiment of a single Brisbane-based startup, Nomadic Thinkers. They’ve put a ban on women and their tendency to have “tea parties and things” and the internet is not pleased.

The Australian company’s “no women allowed” co-working space, which also doubles as a fitness center, came to public attention Tuesday when Junkee ran an interview with one of its creators, Samuel Monaghan.

Nomadic Thinkers’ pitch was their hybrid space was an answer to your “lack of social support and community,” stating a men’s-only area could behave as a “preventative measure,” against depression, which he linked to domestic violence.

Nomadic Thinkers told Junkee they have the backing of six shareholders and intend to open the co-working area in January 2017 after finalising lease negations.

Membership packages include choices like “The Bear Grylls” and “The Musk Have,” in tribute to Elon, needless to say.

After acknowledging the gender-based membership limitations were bound to “ruffle some feathers,” the firm stood company Wednesday, releasing a statement defending their brand and again referencing the disturbing suicide rates for Australian men.

Picture: nomadic thinkers blog/screenshot

As the Junkee article points out, a Parliamentary Library research paper into national violence released in 2011 found no link between men experiencing depression and perpetrating domestic violence, rather citing “drinking habits, levels of aggression and controlling behaviours,” as important elements which needs to be addressed.

Input YouTube legends the Bondi Hipsters, who detected the firm had used their image on a blog post and then went H.A.M. on the group’s Facebook page.

The dudes composed a satirical love letter which asks questions like “Will the workplace be made completely of these easy-to-punch gyprock walls so that when our testosterone makes us mad whilst doing our jobs, we can punch a hole in a wall without breaking our fists?”

They also asked, “How do you ensure that the office remains so worry free that I’ll stop punching strangers? I can’t restrain my emotions because I’m emotionally five. I also bite people, and poo my pants occasionally.”

In addition to, “How do you guys guarantee the entire office complex will not fall in on itself as a result of all that insecurity in the building?”

A response to this Bondi Hipster brosis still pending. Meanwhile, Twitter users are sharing their thoughts readily.


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