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British citizens living in Europe will lose key freedoms and rights next year

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Campaigners have warned that British citizens who live elsewhere in the EU will lose key rights next year when the UK leaves.
British in Europe, which campaigns for British citizens living in the EU27, said the withdrawal deal will end the EU’s freedom of movement policy.
Instead, the draft terms of the deal would only give British citizens the right to live and work in the country where they currently reside, rather than the freedom to move within the EU.
“To date, we have seen more energy spent on discussing the post-Brexit movement rights of jam than we have of people,” said the chair of British in Europe.

LONDON — British citizens living in Europe will lose key rights when the UK leaves the EU next year even if Theresa May does secure a transition deal, campaigners have warned.

British in Europe, a group which campaigns for the rights of 1.3 million British citizens who live elsewhere in the EU, said the draft terms of the Brexit transition deal only guarantee the right for Britons on the continent the right to live, work, and receive healthcare and pensions in their current country of residence.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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