Bring life to your ghost and zombie decorations this Halloween

These creepy projections turn every house into a haunted house.
Picture: atmosfx

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Cobwebs in your yard along with also a cardboard witch are definitely not going to leave a feeling this Halloween. Where it is at, lumbering zombies and transferring ghosts are.  

You want decorations that’ll really scare the pants from trick-or-treaters who dare make the trek across your yard for your candy. Fortunately, ThinkGeek has got you covered on creepy.

AtmosFX has got some haunting electronic decorations to amp up the fright factor in your Halloween spirit. You can play DVDs of zombies transferring ghost portraits or pawing in your window in case you’ve got a DVD player and a TV or projector on standby and exhibit them for a freak-out that is real. If you catch the Hollusion Projection gear with your pick of monster, then you are able to make ghosts and phantoms appear out of thin air and put to a terrifying show in your yard.

It is possible to buy your projection gear separately with prices ranging from $29.99 to $49.99, but Amazon also features an AtmosFX Digital Decoration Kit for $200 that completely equips you with projector, window projection gear, and 14 terrifying scenes for you to choose from with a remote controller to tailor your own terror.

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